It's difficult to imagine living in Toronto and being faced with the dilemma of having absolutely nothing to do. But it does happen, and often times more time is spent figuring out exactly what to do, than actually doing something.

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If you're one of these conflicted Torontonians, look no further. I've compiled a quick list of places you can go to in Toronto if you have some free time to spare. Whether you're looking to kill one hour or eight, these places will help you get the job done:

1. Tommy Thompson Park // 1 Leslie St

Tommy Thompson Park is a great place to spend the day and forget that there's an entire city right behind you. The park offers great walking and biking trails, and if you explore enough, you're bound to find some hidden spots and coves that you can retreat to for even more peace and quiet.

2. A HOMERUN! // 165 Augusta Ave

A HOMERUN! is a quirky little shop that sells all sorts of hip and vintage items. I've spent a few hours in here myself just looking through all the unique clothing pieces and accessories in the store! Just a warning though - spend your free time here and you're bound to leave with less money in your pockets because there are just so many great finds. Check out their artsy instagram here.

3. Dunbat Skate Park // Dundas and Bathurst

If you've got time to spare, check out the Dunbat skate park by Dundas and Bathurst. Some of Toronto's best skateboarding talents flock to this park, and watching them is like being treated to a free skate show.

4. Yorkville Library // 22 Yorkville Ave

You can never go wrong with a good book for passing the time. The Yorkville Library has a large selection of books to get lost in. And, if reading isn't your thing, you could always make use of their free Wi-Fi. On a totally unrelated note, this library should get extra points for looking so swanky.

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5. Northwood // 815 Bloor St W

Who says you can't mix business with pleasure? Northwood provides the perfect atmosphere for either a casual drink or for getting some work done (or both). A tasteful selection of snacks and well-mixed cocktails (priced at around $10) are also available for your indulgence.

6. Canadian Broadcasting Centre // 250 Front St W

The CBC Building is open to all and allows visitors to take self-guided tours through various facilities inside. Some special mentions to check out include the Glenn Gould Studio or the CBC Museum. You can also grab a bite to eat at the in-house cafeteria or get some fresh air at one of the public tables outside the building's perimeter.

7. 401 Richmond // 401 Richmond St W

There's a lot to explore in 401 Richmond. The unnamed building is filled with all sorts of studios and galleries for your browsing pleasure. Combine your tour with a comforting cup of coffee at Roastery Coffee House that is also found onsite.

8. A&C World // 452 Spadina Ave

A&C World is a gamer's paradise. Here, you'll find video games of every sort, from vintage Nintendo cartridges to recent console releases. Drop by for a Smash Bros. or Mario Kart session at one of their TV set-ups.

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