Spending some quality time with your significant other is super important, although sometimes it can get a little pricy.  Between food, drinks, transit, and ticket prices, dates can be super pricy! Luckily, we have your back.

This summer try mixing things up from your usual dinners and try something a little more out of the box.  This list of 9 activities ranges from discounted concert tickets to hot air balloon rides!  We know that Toronto can be expensive at times, so we have compiled a list of awesome Groupons that will give your wallet a break.

Happy date night Toronto! 

1. Visit the Circus

The circus is definitely not only for kids.  If you're looking for something a little more out of the box to do with your significant other, this could be an awesome option.

Original Price: $72.89

Savings: 48%

Groupon Price: $38.00

Available: Limited time remaining

Buy Here!

2. Movie Night

Movie nights are a staple for rainy day dates.  Plus with finding Dory in theaters, its hard to not want to cozy up with your significant other and relive your childhood.  This Groupon includes two general admission tickets to the Fox Theater, two large popcorns and two large drinks.

Original Price: $39.00

Savings: 51%

Groupon Price: $19.00

Available: Limited time remaining

Buy Here!

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

How cool would it be to surprise your significant other with the experience of a life time? Hot air balloon rides are usually super pricy, so this Groupon is bound to help!

Original Price: $530.00

Savings: 34%

Groupon Price: $349.00

Available: Limited time remaining

Buy Here!

4. 6 Hour Distillery and Wine Tour

This includes two admissions at two distilleries and two wineries in Niagara’s Benchland.  There will also be numerous samples and an opportunity to stop at a local country market!

Original Price: $178.00

Savings: 61%

Groupon Price: $80.00

Available: Limited time remaning.

Buy Here!

Photo cred -@RiverFestElora

5. Go to a Music Festival

Riverfest Elora is happening in Bissell Park on Friday, August 19, Saturday, August 20 and Sunday, August 21. If you're looking to participate in festival season without breaking the bank, then this is the perfect option!

Original Price: $70.45

Savings: 45%

Groupon Price: $39.00

Available: Only available for 7 more days

Buy Here! 

6. Take a Bar Tending Workshop

This is an awesome option if you and your significant other are looking for a super immersive activity to do with one another.  Plus you will learn some new tips and tricks for making drinks with each other at home!

Original Price: $99.00

Savings: 71%

Groupon Price: $29.00

Available: Limited time remaining!

Buy Here!

7. Go on a Safari

Niagara Safari gives you the opportunity to see 750 exotic and domestic animals!  If you or your significant other is an animal lover, why not give this a try?

Original Price: $30.95

Savings: 39%

Groupon Price: $19.00

Available: Limited time remaining!

Buy Here!

8. Jump around at Skyzone!

Skyzone is not just for children's birthday parties.  Garb your significant other and head to Skyzone for a super fun afternoon of bouncing around.  This is a great activity if you're looking to get out of the summer heat, or hiding from a rainy afternoon.

Original Price: $28.00

Savings: 46%

Groupon Price: $15.00

Available: 2 Days remaining!

Buy Here! 

9. See Eric Church and Zac Brown Band 

If your significant other didn't get tickets to boots and hearts, be a hero and surprise them with the next best thing!  General Admission tickets are being sold on Groupon for the July 8th and 9th show!

Original Price: $132.50

Savings: 36%

Groupon Price: $85.00

Available: 10 hours remaining!

Buy Here!

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