Happy holidays Toronto! The holiday season is arguably one of the most popular times of the year, and with that comes one of the busiest times of the year on social media as well! From holiday markets to Christmas trees and light displays, the whole city turns into the ultimate Instagram opportunity. So if you are looking to step up your Instagram game, look no further than the perfect inspo here!

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An obligatory visit to Distillery's Toronto Christmas Market.

How can you live in Toronto during the holidays and not check out Distillery's Christmas Market during the holiday season? The district is already an Instagrammer's dream come true year round, but during the holiday season they seriously amp up the character around the space. From string lights being hung up everywhere imaginable to the massive tree and ornaments found throughout the entire space, the entire neighbourhood is just waiting for you to snap a picture of it!

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Warming up from the chilly weather outside at these adorable coffee shops and cafés.

If the cold weather has already got you down, look at it as another excuse to spend more money on coffee! Some of these adorable spots not only serve up your daily dose of caffeine but also some incredible brunch and breakfast menus that will leaving you drooling!

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Snapping a pic of some holiday exclusive treats.

The holiday season is the time of year when spots around the city start to introduce their holiday exclusive treats. From santa-hat wearing rappers etched onto short bread cookies to hot chocolate with gingerbread men floating at the top, the Toronto foodie scene goes hard for the holidays. So you and your camera better not miss out!

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Grabbing a decked out hot chocolate from Sweet Jesus.

Sweet Jesus is own for offering some insane creations when it comes to soft serve ice cream, and while you can totally still grab some in the Winter, they also offer some incredible toasty drinks to keep you warm. Their hot chocolates are always completely over the top and make for the perfect prop for your next candid!

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Checking out Toronto's new Waterfront Winter Wonderland.

Toronto's newest Christmas event finally opens this Friday and we cannot wait! The Waterfront Winter Wonderland is decked out from head to toe in lights and makes for the perfect excuse to stroll through Ontario Place!

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Taking a photo of your chimney stack while at Nathan Phillip's Fair in the Square!

If there is a food that is the most Instagrammed during the holiday season in Toronto, it's definitely those chimney stacks flooding your feed. Trust me when I say this is a good time to follow the crowd and grab one for yourself considering they not only taste delicious but look just as good!

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Grabbing breakfast at The Broadview Hotel's café/bar.

The Broadview Hotel is one of the hottest new-ish spots in both Toronto's foodie scene and Instagram scene. Not only do they serve up some incredible food both on their breakfast and dinner menu, but the space is absolutely gorgeous! So if you are into spaces with both incredible food and a great ambiance, look no further than this spot!

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Sneaking some ice cream from these spots that remain open in the Winter because neither your Instagram feed or ice cream obsession know seasonal boundaries.

Who said you've got to ditch ice cream once it starts to get cold, if anything now is the perfect time! With the cold weather keeping your soft serve from melting too quickly, it's never been a better time to grab a frozen treat!

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Grabbing a drink at these adorable bars around the city.

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Snap a pic while grabbing a drink at these adorable bars around the city. From spots with plant walls to full-wood bars, these places are must-visits for sure!

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Enjoying some incredible food in these equally as incredibly designed restos that are begging to be featured on your feed.

If you want more than just a drink and are looking to sit in on an incredible meal while sitting in some of the hottest Toronto restsos Instagram-wide, look no further than these spots! There is a ton of variety when it comes to the types of food these places offer as well so you are guaranteed to impress even the pickiest of eaters!

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Attempting to complete this Instagram foodie bucket list with your phone camera in hand!

After a wild night out, what easier way to keep your followers interested than by grabbing brunch at an adorable spot?! Not only do these spots offer good-looking food, but the tasty eats are just as delicious as they are IG worthy!

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Keeping it gram-worthy even while studying for finals at these cute spots around the city to cram.

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Checking out the decked out store windows at Hudson's Bay on Yonge.

Not only is Hudson's Bay full of pieces that could make the cut for your next #OOTD, but the store windows prove to be an Instagram-opportunity themselves! Strolling down Yonge to catch a glimpse (and photo) of the windows is definitely the perfect way to simultaneously get yourself and your feed into the holiday spirit!

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