If you’re looking for an end of summer adventure, or perhaps you're planning a little fall outing – well, look no further because the Cheltenham Badlands are reopening and will be welcoming visitors! If you’ve never been to the Badlands before, you’re in for a treat. It features beautiful rolling hills, miles of hiking trails, caving, and incredible foliage.

The park, which is only a one hour drive from Toronto, has some serious outer-space vibes.

The unique red colour of the ground was formed millions of years ago by iron oxide. Now, there is a boardwalk surrounding the entire area, so you can safely enjoy the view.

The park’s new reservation system will open to the public next week. Potential visitors can book their trip up to two weeks in advance.

It is worth noting that without a reservation, you will not be permitted into the park.

“These parks are popular destinations that consistently see high visitation, which can be a challenge to manage. For this reason, we have put a new system in place at each park to keep everyone safe,” said Terri LeRoux, Senior Manager, PARCS for CVC, in a press release.

“Our reservation system will allow us to limit the number of people who can enter each property at a time and create the conditions needed for physical distancing,” she continued.

There are a number of safety measures being put in place to ensure that you and your friends can enjoy a stress-free summer adventure.

Aside from mandatory reservations, masks and physical distancing will be required, visitors must stay on trails, and groups must be smaller than ten people.

Due to the erosion of the clay hills, visitors are asked to stay off the badlands themselves and stay on the boardwalks for their photo opportunities.

“We’re taking safety for our visitors, staff and communities very seriously,” continued LeRoux.

“With enhanced protocol in place, we are ensuring a manageable number of visitors at each property at any given time so that all can safely enjoy these special places.”

Whether you're looking for one last adventure before the sun sets on summer, or you want to view some of the prettiest fall foliage in the province, Cheltenham should be next on your list! 

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