Star Wars fans, this one's for you! *Epic John Williams score begins playing.* Remember that massive pillow fight that happened earlier this year? Well, Newmindspace hosted that and now they're bringing this huge lightsaber battle to you.

Which side of the force will you fight for, Jedi or Sith? Do you think you have the skills to fight with a lightsaber? If you have your own lightsabers, feel free to bring them. If you don't, fear not. All you have to do is reserve one and you'll be able to pick up at the event. It's $5 early bird and $10 regular or at the event. The lightsabers change up to 6 freakin' colours!

The location hasn't been specified yet, but you can save the date for October 24th at 8 P.M. Keep checking their event page for updates on the location. Are you excited? We're excited. We leave you with this...


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