Glass blowing has been around for centuries, but only recently has it started to gain some mainstream attention.

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In Toronto, there exists a unique studio called Playing With Fire, which is dedicated to the ancient art of glass blowing. It's spearheaded by Minna Koistinen, a Finnish-born, internationally-renowned contemporary glass artist. She leads glass-blowing workshops at the studio with her team at Artscape Wychwood Barns at 601 Christie St.

The process of glass-blowing involves inflating a piece molten glass into a bubble using a blowpipe and shaping it into some final form, like a glass statue or vase. The workshops offered at Playing With Fire focus more on the entertainment experience rather than actual technical training. Beginners usually start with making paper weights before moving onto advanced forms like vases and glass figurines (like birds, flowers, hearts, eggs and lamps). It's a whole lot of fun and persons of any skill level can participate!

Currently, there is a Groupon promotion for a workshop to create glass wine bottle stoppers for $290 a pair. For more information, visit

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