Do you like adventure, exploring, and a sense of mystery? Of course you do. That's why you're reading this article.

What if I told you there were thousands of little adventures waiting for you, all over Toronto, and even the world?

Geocaching, is the act of outdoor treasure hunting, where you use a GPS or navigational device to find your treasure or a 'cache'. A cache is typically a small waterproof container with a log-book and a prize of some sorts. When you successfully find the cache, you write down your name & the day you found it in the log book. When going on a geo-cache, people are encouraged to bring along a small, sentimental prize. When you find the cache you were looking for, you are to swap your prize with the one waiting for you. For example, when I went on my first cache, I brought a little ceramic pigeon & swapped it for a vintage yo-yo.

The great thing about geocaching is that 1. you can do it almost anywhere - there are approximately over 2 million different geocaches all over the world - and 2. it's your own little secret. Imagine walking down Bathurst, tracking treasure that no one else on the street knew about!!

In fact, if you stood in front of the Eaton Centre right now, there would be 20 different geocaches a kilometre away from you. 20 different adventures and prizes only steps away! And they could be anywhere! Inside of a tree trunks, or tucked away under city street signs.

So, wanna get started? Head over to to download the app and start your adventure.

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