If you live in Toronto, you know you do things that the rest of the country, and maybe even the rest of the world, think is ridiculous.

But if you love Toronto, you own it.

Put a finger down for each of these things you've caught yourself doing at least once.


Taken a selfie with the CN Tower

It's so basic, but it's also our tower. And Drake's. But mostly ours.

The person at Tim's said "Enjoy your coffee" and you said "You too"

Our polite responses can be so automatic it's cringey.

Waited in line for brunch

It's eggs on an English muffin for $25! Just go next door! (Just kidding; we love Saving Grace!)

Waited in line for ice cream

Instagram doesn't need another charcoal ice cream shot from iHalo. Tom's Dairy Freeze, on the other hand....

Taken an out-of-town friend to Graffiti Alley

There is graffiti in every alley downtown, and the stuff just off Camden beside Avenue Open is funnier, the Frida Kahlo off McCaul is weirder. Is it that little street sign the city put up that makes us go back to that exact spot over and over?

Got excited when anyone anywhere who is not in Toronto mentions Toronto

It could be SNL, or Bradley Cooper, or some walk-on in a movie, but you squealed.

Poked your S/O with a big smile on your face when you recognize a Toronto location in a movie

Everything's shot here. Do people in LA do this? Of course, they don't. It's embarrassing. You're embarrassing. We're all so embarrassing.

Got Leslieville and Leaside mixed up

Unless you've lived in one of them, the Ls can get confusing and it's totally unforgivable. Leaside is the one beside The Beaches right? No, wait....

Took an angel selfie in the vacant lot next to Calii on King.

We get it: The wings are so pretty! 

Got lost in the PATH and had to go above ground to figure out where you are

It's not like east and west are different down there. Why is it so difficult to find First Canadian Place from the TD Centre?

Told an American friend you're chatting with who mentioned The Weeknd 'He's from here you know'

There are two options: Your friend already knows and doesn't care, or doesn't know and still doesn't care.


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