Let's be real-- we're all looking for that perfect, charming date spot around the city that is cute, fun and affordable. One of the benefits of living in Toronto is that it's always super fun and exciting because there are endless options of what to do, and where to go!

Interesting date spots in Toronto range from picnics in the park, retro cinemas and beautiful museums. Although there are always new and luxurious restaurants popping up around the city, you don't always need to wine n' dine to have the best time with your date! There are so many eclectic and unique Toronto date ideas that don't always require a fancy 10-course meal.

Let's just say it's incredibly easy to put a dent in your wallet when you're taking people out on dates. You want to impress your date and you're also genuinely having a great time, but you're also secretly dying on the inside. Where do couples frequent for date night in the city?!?! 

Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of distinct and interesting restaurants where you and your beau can go on romantic and comfortable dates: 

Drake Hotel Trivia 

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Trivia is the ultimate date idea. It's fun, it's interactive and it's a little bit competitive. The best part about trivia is that its located in a snazzy, boozy venue in one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the west end of Toronto! What's better than some friendly competition at The Drake? $2 is a very small price to pay for a night of laughs and hilarious trivia test questions. 

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Peruse Around Allan Gardens Conservatory

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Allan Gardens Conservatory is open 365 days a year, and the 16,000 square foot conservatory is FREE to explore. This scenic and picturesque garden gives you and your date a chance to admire rare and beautiful plants, and will make you feel like you've been sent off to a scenic tropical jungle away from Toronto. 

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Cocktails On Tap At Convenience 

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Yep - Convenience's retro, neon pink bathrooms have been plastered all over social media these past couple of months. What you may not have noticed though, is that they have cocktails on tap for only $5. Negronis, Paper Planes, Old Fashioned's, Pina Coladas and sweet Daiquiris are all on tap for $5!

This resto-bar caters to individuals who love all things retro, ranging from nostalgic and imaginative versions of fried chicken and hot dogs to an old-school drink menu. Convenience is a front corner store on the outside that turns into a bar and restaurant after 5pm, every day.

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Visit The Bata Shoe Museum On Thursdays 

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This unique Toronto museum takes you through the history of fashionable footwear and on Thursday evenings from 5pm - 8pm, admission is "pay what you can." This shoe museum displays over a thousand different shoes ranging from ancient Egyptian sandals to sexy, celebrity-worn high heels. This is a great casual date idea if you want to walk around an interesting venue, while still getting to know your partner on a deeper level. 

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Laugh Your A** Off At A Comedy Bar

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Make your date laugh in Toronto's trendy west end at the hilarious Comedy Bar on Bloor Street! This cool bar features a full comedy calendar filled with cackle-worthy shows priced between $5 - $8. Comedy Bar also whips up a super affordable (all items cost around $10) snack menu to hit that sweet spot. 

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Try The Chicken & Waffles At Hogtown Vegan 

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This cute spot in Little Italy serves appetizing vegan meals all under $14! This is a very laid back spot but the environment is always busy and filled with playful banter. The times I have eaten here, there were always couples dining there, relaxed and happy. I can attest that their imitation chicken is quite good.

Plus, this cute spot has desserts that are perfect for sharing (Disney lovers, you can have your Lady & The Tramp moment here... kind of). Their deep-fried banana split is only $7 and it definitely gives off old-school, romantic, retro diner vibes. When was the last time you've eaten a banana split?

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Print Photos On Your Coffee At Snap Coffee



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For only $5, you can get a photo printed on your coffee! Snap Coffee offers this really cool service where they can actually print words and PHOTOS onto your lattes. It doesn't cost extra to use their print machine inside the cafe, so you can take your time choosing what photo you want to upload or select one of the machine's pre-picked options. Want to surprise your date with the cutest little message ever? This is the place! She/he will probably be overwhelmed with cuteness.

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Visit The Aga Khan Museum 

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Museums are honestly the perfect backdrop for dates. You get to show your intellectual side and you guys get to explore the space at your own pace. Plus, the museum is totally beautiful with its Eurocentric white architecture and sophisticated interiors. The best part-- admission to this beautiful and cultured museum is free on Wednesday nights, which means you and your date can broaden your horizons and learn something new together!

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Admire The Animals At Riverdale Farm 

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There's a seven-acre petting farm in downtown Toronto? What? Yep- there is this adorable and often overlooked farm in the Riverdale neighbourhood of Toronto. The Riverdale Farm lets you and your date wander around and seeing all the cute animals. Is your date an animal-lover? This could be the place! Plus, farms + fall vibes just work. It's also a great spot to pack some picnic food and play with adorable baby goats!

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Eat Some Flavourful Viet Food At Vit Beo

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Everything on the menu at this Vietnamese restaurant is refined and polished. Their plates are not heavy at all, which is a definite pro tip when you're out on a date. The cheapest plate at Vit Beo is the pork belly and prawn crepes ($8), and the most expensive plate is their delicious fried chicken frizzled in CARAMEL fish sauce ($12). The prices are extremely reasonable for shareable plates!

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Play Boardgames At Snakes & Lattes

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Snakes & Lattes is always a great choice to entertain yourself over some coffee and trivia. All you need to get in is an $8 cover charge, and then you have access to a giant library of board games: strategy, millenial drinking games, cards against humanity, trivia and so much more. I remember the first time stepping foot into the cafe and thinking, wow-- I didn't know board games could actually be super cool. If you're not sure what you want to play, their friendly staff can help choose the best game for you and your date. 

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 Catch A Flick At Revue Cinema 

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Located at 400 Roncesvalles Ave in the hip Roncesvalles neighbourhood, Revue Cinema is a movie theatre committed to showing classic films of the recent decade. Head over to the theatre on a Tuesday to take advantage of their $6 ticket special! Student admission is only $9. This is a pretty cool date idea if you want to really get into that old school love vibe.

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Drink Coffee At The Snazzy Arvo Coffee Shop 

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Arvo Coffee is sitauted inside the beautiful Distillery District on Toronto's east end and it is an adorable way to get away from the usual downtown hustle. This village is pedestrian only so it really takes you out of the city. You and your date can browse historic architecture and small, one-of-a-kind boutiques in the area. You can find lots of snacks and beverages under $10 at the attractive Arvo Coffee shop. If you're going to plan a coffee date, the coffee spot better be freakin' special.

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Play Arcade Games At Tilt 

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Tilt is one of Toronto's newest and trendiest arcade bars that feature over 50 vintage arcades games and pinball machines. All you have to do is pay the entrance fee and all the games are FREE to play so you don't have to take out large amounts of cash just to play a couple rounds of pinball. Admission is $5 and $2 on Tuesdays! What better way to get to know your date than to play a game of feisty Mario Kart?

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Sushi & Bento 

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If you guys are on a budget but don't want to cook at home, you'll be happy to discover possibly one of the BEST sushi deals in downtown Toronto. Sushi & Bento, located at 187 Dundas St. West right beside the Eaton Centre whips up massive takeout sushi rolls (two sets of rolls) for only $7.99 cash.

Since this sushi spot is a walk nearby to Queen's Park, you and your date can enjoy sushi on a picnic blanket while surrounded by pretty fall trees. Remember to dress accordingly if you plan to take on this date idea!

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Eat Izakaya At Zakkushi

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There is a Japanese izakaya in the Cabbagetown neighbourhood that whips up popular Japanese street dishes like seafood-fried pancakes, yakitori skewers and shiitake mushrooms for all less than $10!

This may certainly be the perfect date spot for shareable apps, bar food and finger snacks. Your bill may add up if you're super hungry, but if you two are just looking to share a memorable moment together over some bar snacks, this is an amazing date location!

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