Dating in the city is hard, especially once you actually get into a relationship and realize that everything that seems like the perfect date comes with a hefty price tag. Lucky for you (and your bf/gf!) though, there are some cheap hacks that will make for an amazing date night that won't leave you as broke as you already are! Like they always say, the best things in like are free! 

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Mother's Dumplings // 421 Spadina Ave 

Mother's Dumplings is arguably one of the best spots in Toronto to get your dumpling fix. Not only is the food incredible but it's extremely budget friendly! You can get a set of 24 dumplings from around $12-$17, and there are even cheaper options available!  

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Queen Street Warehouse // 232 Queen St W 

Warehouse is always a staple considering how lively the atmosphere is and how attractive the menu is for anyone who's got a tight budget. With all food items only being $4.95, you've got tons of options!

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Hibiscus // 238 Augusta Ave 

If you and your partner are vegan, or if even just one of you is, Hibiscus is the spot to go to! Not only are you able to get delicious vegan food that can please even a picky meat lover, but it's also cheap as well with everything being under $11!

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Banh Mi Boys // 392 Queen St W + 399 Yonge St 

Banh Mi Boys does Asian fusion like no other spot in the city. While I personally recommend getting the Korean tacos, anything and everything on the menu is a broke person's friend with everything being under $10! 

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Seven Lives // 69 Kensington Ave 

Not only is Seven Lives situated in Kensington, which is practically the perfect neighbourhood to spend the day in with your bae, but the tacos are amazing too! While the menu does change, items rarely go over $9.

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Bobbie Sue's Mac and Cheese // 162 Ossington Ave.

Who doesn't love mac and cheese? Lucky for you and your date it doesn't cost much to dine well! The small five cheese blend mac and cheese is only $5.30!  

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The Green Room // 296 Brunswick Ave 

- $3.50 martinis.

- $3.25-4.25 pints.

- $7 cocktails.

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The Lakeview // 1132 Dundas St W 

- $3 mimosas until 5pm all week.

- $4 caesars until 5pm all week.

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Bar 244 // 244 Adelaide St W 

- $3 mixed drinks (all week). 

- $3 domestic beers (all week). 

- $4 imported beers (all week). 

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W Burger Bar // 10 College St 

- $2 shooters (all week). 

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The Madison Ave Pub // 14 Madison Ave

- $3.50 domestic beers/rail drinks on Thursdays.

- $4 domestic beers/rail drinks the rest of the week. 

- $7.50 cocktails.

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Allan Gardens

Allan Gardens is stunning year round and is a great place to escape the stuffiness of the city without having to venture far from the downtown core. The best part is that of course, admission is free! 

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Nuit Blanche // September 30th 

Who doesn't love Nuit Blanche? This is the perfect broke couple friendly date considering that you don't have to pay for anything but you have to opportunity to visit everything available! Plus, the Stranger Thing's exhibit makes it an absolute necessity to visit this year. 

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Free music at The Drake Hotel // 1150 Queen St W

The Drake Hotel is always a cool place to visit considering the killer ambiance and sleek interior! Thankfully the spot is always hosting free music acts that you can check out, so if you and your beau are on the hunt for the next new star or just want to listen to some local talent while grabbing a few pints- plan this as a date! 

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Riverdale Park 

There is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset, especially if it involves watching the Toronto skyline light up as well.  Riverdale park has one of the best views the city has to offer, and while you're waiting for the sun to set you can throw a frisbee around! 

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Trinity Bellwoods Park 

There is nothing cuter (and no better opportunity to make a date inexpensive) than to have a picnic in the park! Not only is it romantic but it's crazy simple to set up as well! Just pack a simple lunch and some booze, a blanket, pre download some movies from Netflix onto your laptop and then enjoy a binge watching session outdoors! 

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