With Toronto being one of the largest cities in Canada, the city attracts tons of different people and of course the more people there are, the more interesting the population gets. With interesting people come even more interesting events, and not to get ahead of myself here, but I think this has got to be the most interesting events the city has ever had. 

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The event is hosted by Adult Art Attack and is like an 18+ version of a painting workshop. It's called "Paint Puff Pass" and as the title would suggest, cannabis is involved. After speaking with the organizer, the night is supposed to be a chill paint night where cannabis lovers and painters can join to paint sexually positive art, though of course, you are free to paint anything you want. Just don't be surprised if you see someone painting a boob unironically. 

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The description of the event itself is definitely something you've never seen before: "Like Paint Night but with maryjane💨🍀and penis 🍆flowers💐. Like Bob Ross🎨 but the sexy 🔥version. Like that show📺 you used to watch but the x-rated 🎥 version. Everything is included in the price. All you have to do is show up with a smile and good vibes. 🐝💯💜 🎨🎉🎼💨 🍿🍻🍪 🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦." Clearly, this isn't your standard paint night. 

The event is going to be held throughout November on three different days starting this weekend on November 9th as well as the 16th and 23rd starting at 10:00 PM in their Leslieville loft studio. While the event costs $60 for singles and $100 for couples, the cost covers everything, with the event page claiming "all you have to do is show up with a smile and good vibes." 

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While on the surface the event seems a little out of the box, if there's anything Torontonians need right now with winter on its way, it's a paint night where you can chill out and paint completely free of judgement. Plus, it's one of the first organized events featuring legal cannabis in the mix- so sign us up! 

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To buy tickets to the event you can visit Adult Art Attack's page by clicking here



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