With autumn just around the corner, people are getting ready for a season full of cooler weather and scary stories. Everyone knows that fall basically just means Halloween and that this time of year is perfect if you love all things horror! 

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Luckily for any Canadians living in Ontario, one Halloween attraction rises above the rest, especially for those who love the idea of zombies. Now you can live out your "Walking Dead" dreams and shoot down the undead in a classic game of paintball.

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The Zombie Paintball Hunt is a special event that's put on by Bingeman's in Kitchener-Waterloo as part of their "ScreamPark." They open up their massive grounds for one of the most elaborate zombie hunts one can experience, including role play and a ride in a big military truck. 

Instead of killing zombies in your mom's basement you can now do it in real life! If you and your friends think you have what it takes you can take on the zombies yourself for an epic night of terror and hopefully some fun along the way.

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Imagine you're living in a world without a government, no ability to control disease, with the Undead Outbreak spreading across the world and into Ontario. The only way to rid the planet of the disease, through total eradication and it's now your job to help experts get the job done. 

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Not only is Bingemans known for how epic their "ScreamPark" is, the Zombie Paintball hunt is a fan favourite that is brought back year after year. Visitors can expect fog machines, strobe lights, and conditions that will make your skin crawl. 

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You can visit Bingemans for this must-attend hunt for only three weekends in October. The hunting begins on October 12, and will also be available on the 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 between 7:30 PM and 11:00 PM. The last bus ships out as of 10:50 PM if you're looking for the creepiest nighttime experience. 

Live out your zombie apocalypse dreams when you visit the Zombie Paintball Hunt and see for yourself. Be warned, the hunt must be completed once you begin so hopefully you will make it out alive. 

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