Bored of dinner dates and Netflix? You and your partner should go on a Toronto scavenger hunt! 

Urban Capers is an entertainment and experiences company that produces intricate scavenger hunts in Toronto. Each hunt is incredibly detailed, thanks to the company’s incredibly talented team of researchers, film-makers, artists and creatives. You can expect engaging storylines, interesting historical facts, challenging riddles and tons of places to explore in every hunt.

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Of their selection of capers, Discover Hidden Toronto is one that would be perfect for date night. You and your partner will be taken to some of city’s most overlooked places, from hidden rivers to Victorian mansions. 

“Explore the stomping grounds of famous Canadians who helped abolish slavery, created the hippie counterculture of the 1960s, and invented peacekeeping, reads the hunt description. “This hunt of fascinating places and little-known history gets you to answer riddles about re-gifted presents, flex your creative muscles with photo and art challenges, and find the answers to tricky questions.”

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If you think this caper is going to be easy, think again. The experience is intended to teach you things you never knew about your city, and it will definitely open your eyes to how little you actually knew. “I learned more about Toronto in two hours than I have in eight years of living here,” one participant confessed.

Many other capers are also available, including the a murder mystery  -themed one that takes place at the ROM, a Kensington crawl, a creepy adventure to Toronto’s most haunted sites, and much more.

Visit for the full list of hunts!

UPDATE: There currently are no available dates showing for Discover Hidden Toronto. You might have to wait for it to reopen sometime later this year, but in the meantime you could always try Murder at the ROM, another caper that has dates available from February through April.

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