The coffee culture here in Toronto is in a league of it's own. Walk down any street in this city and you'll see at least 5 gorgeous cafes that you'll just have to add to your cafe bucket list. 

There's also tons of new cafes popping up all the time that offer something unique and different to Toronto's coffee world. The newest cafe on the block is Alcove Coffee, a gorgeous cafe with a huge photography studio hidden inside!

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Alcove Coffee is located at 34 Cawthra Ave in The Junction area. It features a stunning statement wall designed by a local artist that really makes the spot Instagram-worthy! 

Not only is their decor reason enough to visit, their coffee is also insanely good. Every month they offer a new exciting beverage to try and they make coffees with cat marshmallows! Yes, I did just say cat marshmallows. 

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There's ample seating inside the cafe that's perfect for studying or work throughout the week! You can also check out their huge photography studio in the back and rent it out for photoshoots. 

Unfortunately, they aren't open on the weekends right now. They're currently open Monday-Friday from 7:30am-4:30pm everyday! 

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Check out their website and Instagram for more information! 

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