Watching all those crime shows might finally serve a purpose for you - an exciting scavenger hunt based in Toronto requires you and your friends to put on your detective hats for a night to solve a brutal murder at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Urban Capers is an experiences company that creates intricately detailed scavenger hunts in the Toronto area. The company’s creative staff consists of individuals with degrees in criminology and psychology, as well as individuals who have worked in TV and film, so you know you’re in for a thrilling adventure.

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The concept of the scavenger hunts is simple: in teams of two to six people, you’ll be provided a clue sheet that takes you to different locations in a given area. Each location will have riddles for you to solve, and the team with the most correct answers wins a glorious prize at the end of the game.

Sounds easy enough, but don’t underestimate the riddles - they were designed to be challenging and tricky to solve; so much so that even having prior knowledge of the scavenger hunt location could be a hindrance.

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For the Murder at the ROM, the storyline involves a curator who has been murdered by an unknown person who has left a trail of clues behind. The clues are connected to the world collections in the museum, and you must work with your team to unlock their secrets. Tickets ($34.99 + HST per person) include scavenger hunt essentials as well as admission to the ROM.

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