Everyone loves to get in the holiday spirit, and most celebrate the season by decking out their houses in trimmings and festive Christmas lights. While most of us decorate our houses in one or two strings of light, one Canadian family decided to go all out by decorating their home in thousands of lights this year.

In Barrie, Ontario, a local home is decorated to the nines with twinkling Christmas lights, a lit-up Christmas tree, that's all synced up to a crazy soundtrack. If you thought you were extra during the holidays, you've got nothing on this spirited homeowner.

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The head coach for the men's basketball team at York University, Nate Philippe broke the news about this amazing house when he posted a short video showcasing the incredibly festive home this morning. 

He posted the above video with the caption, "In case you're not in the Christmas spirit yet....here you go!! I might have to make posting a video of this guy's house an annual tradition, Lol!" 

In the comments, Coach Philippe revealed that this house is located just down the street from him on Violet Street in Barrie, Ontario. Oh, and he definitely recommended checking it out to get you in the festive mood.

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Philippe even commented saying that there's a radio station that you can tune in to which the lights on the house are synchronized to, which sounds pretty amazing! If you're in the area, seeing this amazing house should definitely be on your Christmas bucket list.

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