Toronto is a historic city that's full of secrets and mystery.  With its creepy Victorian buildings and allegedly haunted sites, it's the perfect location to have an epic scavenger hunt!

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Urban Capers is a company that specializes in creating interactive and engaging scavenger hunts in Toronto. It was founded by Jodi Sinden, the former Entrepreneur of the Year who successfully struck a deal with three Dragon's Den judges a few years ago. Her hardworking staff includes a variety of bright and creative minds from various industries and disciplines. Their specializations in areas like history, criminology and psychology help in producing accurate and realistic scavenger hunts.

It works like this - participants work in teams of two to six people, and each team is provided a clue sheet with riddles on it. The teams must work together to solve the riddles, and in order to do that, they must run around the city to various locations to get the right answers. Each team has a total of two hours to finish the hunt, and the team with the most solved riddles gets a secret prize at the end.

Don't underestimate the riddles, though. While you don't need to have prior knowledge of a certain topic in order to participate in the scavenger hunts, they are formulated to be rather tricky, so make sure to stack your team with the sharpest minds that you know of! 

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One of their coolest scavenger hunt concepts is a haunted adventure that is held after dark. Named Haunted Toronto, the experience takes you through Toronto's most haunted spaces with a flashlight in hand. Tales of intrigue, betrayal and revenge are all a part of this adventure, and you'll be taken to iconic spots like the mass graveyard at Yorkville to the government building that was once a functioning insane asylum. Tickets for this hunt cost $29.99 per person.

Other cool hunts include storyline-driven adventures like the following:

Murder at the Rom - "A curator has been murdered and a trail of clues left behind, connected to secrets in the collections. As you gather clues, you’ll begin to piece together a tale of greed, lust, pride, and revenge. Teams of two to six sleuths travel through the museum galleries, hot on the trail of a killer in this whodunnit."

The Mummy's Curse - "The ancient mummy of an Incan priestess has arrived in Toronto, recently awakened from her five thousand year slumber in the desert. Rumour has it, the artifact brings with it a terrible curse…"

The Great Whisky Heist Mystery - "In the Roaring Twenties, a huge shipment of whisky was stolen from the Gooderham & Worts Distillery and disappeared forever. Recent renovations turned up new evidence and with the help of Ernest Hemingway’s diary you may finally be able to solve The Great Whisky Heist Mystery."

Source: Urban Capers

For more information, visit Urban Capers' website.

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