Everything becomes creepier at night. Even some of Toronto's most popular and frequently-visited locations like Fort York can become devilishly eerie when the sun goes down. 

As Toronto's most notorious battlegrounds, Fort York is known for its long and bloody history, something that is often forgotten while attending festivals or concerts on its grounds during the sunny days of summer.

But visiting the battle grounds at night will have you feeling the complete opposite. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Fort York was once an active military fortification for British troops and one of the many battlegrounds of the War of 1812. 

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There have been reports that the grounds have been haunted for decades, with groundskeepers and passersby giving eyewitness accounts of sightings of men in red British uniforms marching past or appearing in windows. 

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But if you're not the skittish type and up for the challenge, you can dare to crawl the grounds at night with an after-dark lantern tour happening next week. 

Organized by the City of Toronto Historic Sites' Halloween Programming, Fort York After Dark: Lantern Tours will be going down from October 25-27, starting at 7:30 PM. The tour includes haunted tales about this national treasure and the bloody history that surrounds the Battle of York. You'll then be guided around the haunted lighthouse as well as have a chance to visit two military cemeteries. 

Tickets are available online and selling for about $13, which you can purchase here. Event organizers do NOT recommend bringing children under 8 years old, so leave your little sisters at home. Complimentary refreshments (and lanterns) included. 

Source: City of Toronto, Metro News 

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