Escape rooms are a fairly new trend that has quickly taken over the entertainment scene across the country. Everything from horror games to murder mysteries to tv show-themed escape games has become the new best thing to do with your friend group on the weekend. 

Instead of staying in and watching Netflix in bed or going to a boring bar on a Saturday night, escape rooms inject a new way to have fun and get competitive with your crew. 

If you've been paying attention and keeping up with your Netflix binge-watching you probably know that the Black Mirror series released a movie that introduced a completely new way of watching the film, where the viewer makes the decisions and changes the course of the movie! That's what this brand new escape room in Toronto will be like and we absolutely can't wait! 

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Via Escape Games

Escape Games is located at 15 Kodiak Crescent in North York, Toronto. Their new escape room is called Pathogen and it will be all about choices. From the looks of their website, the players will have choices throughout the game that they'll have to make which will lead to multiple different endings! 

From what they've said about it on their website and Instagram there will be 7 different endings possible for the game to take which could lead players down some crazy paths! 

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@escapegamescaembedded via  

They haven't yet released the date this game will open but they started building it back in November so we can expect to see it open very soon into the new year! 

Their games cost $24.78 per player and you can even get a free game on your birthday if you show up with your ID! 

Check out their website for more information. 





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