Of the countless escape rooms in Toronto, one takes the top prize for being the creepiest and most sadistic of them all.

A game company called No Way Out has created an escape room that puts you inside the worst place you could ever be trapped in - a serial killer’s van. The game, entitled Van Escape, is the world’s first and only fully-immersive abduction simulator. If that isn’t the creepiest thing, I don’t know what is.

The storyline for the game is given on the website as follows:

“He’s a disturbed serial killer. He’s been stalking you for months before he executes his plan. He throws you in the back of his van. He’s driving recklessly, and it’s dark. It’s a game to him; watching you struggle before he kills you. You don’t have to panic. You have two choices: accept the unknown, or fight for your life and escape.”

Van Escape only requires one or two players, who will have 45 minutes to figure out how to escape from the serial killer’s wrath. The game is classified as being for “Experts”, which means it will require the participants to have strong searching skills, categorizing skills, lateral thinking and motor skills.

The cost is $25 per person, and it's only available to individuals aged 18+ due to the graphic content found within the room. Due to the nature of the game, Van Escape also has a few restrictions: 

  • Van Escape cannot accommodate larger body proportions
  • Due to the restrictions of this escape room, larger participants may experience difficulty. This may apply, but is not limited to, participants who exceed 6’5” in height, 250 pounds in weight or both
  • No accommodations can be provided
  • For the safety and functionality for participants within Van Escape, please ensure that participants fulfill the following requirements:
    • Able to be on their knees, seated position and/or maintain a crouched position for an extended period of time
    • Fit through a 22” (55 cm) x 37” (93 cm) opening
    • Does not suffer from claustrophobia

For more information, visit No Way Out’s website.

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