If you like escape rooms, you've got to try this one - it involves a psychotic killer, a string of brutal murders, and you and your friends as the detectives.

Escape Games Canada is one of the highest-rated escape room facilities in Toronto, and for good reason. Everything about their escape rooms is topnotch, from their hyperrealism to their incredible storylines. They even have one room that's 18+ only because of its extreme content!

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One of their more challenging escape rooms is called Crossroads, which is murder-mystery themed. The room boasts a 40-50% success rate, so it's going to take a lot of teamwork (the game accommodates 4 to 8 players) in order to get out.

You and your friends are detectives assigned to a case involving a string of brutal murders. The serial killer is still on the loose, and your mission is to save the next victim before it's too late. All you know about the case is that the murders always happen at the stroke of midnight. Clues will lead you to creepy rooms and odd spots like an abandoned subway station. Just don't let the killer catch you snooping around his business...

According to Escape Games Canada, Crossroads is the first mission they created that focuses intensely on group interactivity. "Each puzzle and task was carefully designed to incorporate group thinking and teamwork," reads the room description. The room is set up with interactive set pieces, theatrical lights and sound, and tons of puzzles, so you'll really feel like you're in the game.

via @escapegames

The cost of admission is $23 per person, and a minimum of 4 players is required. The facility also offers discounts:

  • Play two or more missions on the same day, and save $4
  • Bring your photo ID on your exact birthdate and you will receive 1 free mission.

Check out the trailer for Crossroads below:

For more information, visit EscapeGames.ca.

The North York facility is located at: 15 Kodiak Crescent, #5

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