Brunch is basically it's own culture here in Toronto. People live for the weekends so they can stumble out of bed mid-morning, drink mimosas, eat delicious breakfast foods and maybe throw a couple cute Instagrams in there good measure. 

I'm sure most of us already have our go-to brunch spots that we meet our crew at in the morning to recount on all the crazy things that went on the night before, but this spot will make you ditch your go-to spot for good! 

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Kost is a stunning brunch spot and restaurant located way up high on the 44th floor of the Bisha Hotel. It's tropical theme makes you feel like you've just stepped onto a beach up in the clouds! 

You can eat an amazing meal and drink morning cocktails with a breathtaking panorama view of downtown Toronto. 

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If the views don't sound impressive enough to you, their menu sure will! Their insane brunch features dishes like coconut pancakes, avocado toast, eggs Benedict, energy bowls and so much more! 

Of course, they also have an extensive drink menu including caffeine packed coffees, mimosas to start your day off right and many others. 

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Brunch on the weekends isn't the only time you can dine at this stunning restaurant. They also serve breakfast during the weekdays, midday lunch, dinner and cocktail hour at sunset! 

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Check out their website for more information! 

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