Are you a fan of Nintendo? Just a short drive from Toronto, there’s an escape room that will let you live out your deepest Super Mario fantasies.

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Oshawa Escapes is a family-run entertainment business that produces fun and challenging escape rooms for people of all ages and skill levels. Some of their escape rooms are inspired by well-known themes from popular culture, and you probably can’t find games like theirs anywhere else in the GTA.

Their Super Mario-themed escape room is called ‘Save The Princess’ and it follows the exact same storyline as the classic video game:

Via Oshawa Escapes

“The evil King Bozo has kidnapped the princess and locked her in the Tower,” reads the game description. “He has set booby traps to fail any rescue attempts. The only chance that you and your crew have to rescue the princess is during his nap time.”

Players will have up to 45 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape successfully. The room is ranked one of their easiest, however several people have given it stellar reviews online.

“You must sneak into the castle picking up clues along the way and solve the puzzles that will lead you too the princess. Saving the princess will be the easier part of your task, all of you escaping with the princess without waking up King Bozo will not be as easy. If he is awaken your time will decrease and your chances escaping with the princess will be GONE! Choose your crew wisely because only the strong will survive.”

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It’s $20 per person to play (plus tax) and reservations can be made on the Oshawa Escapes website.

Still want more? Oshawa Escapes also has two Harry Potter themed escape rooms — one that involves breaking out of Hogwarts, and another that involves helping Harry escape the Dursley’s residence!

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