You’ve played archery tag before, but have you ever played archery tag in the dark

Archery Circuit in Toronto has a one-of-a-kind blacklight arena that makes everything in the dark, adding a futuristic Hunger Games-like feel to the game. Your bow, arrows, masks and clothing, as well as all of the props on set, will emit bright neon colours that elevate the experience to another level.

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You and a group of seven friends will be given a 15-minute practice session before you engage in war with another team of eight. You’ll have a complete hour of playing time that will entail different game modes and themes. Face masks, bows, arrows, arm guards and lockers are all available for loan, and they’re all included in the price.

It’s $21 per hour per person to play on weekends and $16 per hour per person to play on weekdays (Mondays through Thursdays). They also offer a birthday special, which allows celebrants to play for free within a week of their birth date.

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Aside from archery tag, Archery circuit also offers dodgeball and Nerf gun wars at the blacklight arena. In both cases, the objective is to eliminate players from the other team by hitting them with projectiles. For the Nerf gun wars, darts are slightly larger than usual so they really pack a punch.

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