Do you have what it takes to be the next Sherlock Homes? You can find out in Toronto, where a Sherlock Homes-themed escape room will challenge you to use your powers of observation and deduction in order to solve a murder and get out alive.

The Riddle Room is a mixed facility consisting of a game cafe and escape rooms. Built by a bunch of passionate nerds, this Church and Wellesley hideaway is a place where people can indulge in puzzles, games and good coffee. With over 200 board games, a line-up of video consoles and intricately designed escape challenges, there’s never a dull moment here.

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The Sherlock Homes-themed escape room is called Missing Anatomy and it’s essentially a murder mystery that takes place in an office-like setting. According to the creators, the room lets you live like Sherlock Holmes for 50 minutes and will force you to stretch your detective muscles with its eerie decor and surprising twists.

Check out the incredible game description below:

“It looks like your love for adventure and sleuthing has gotten you into some hot water. A local doctor is the top suspect in the case for his missing twin. Word on the street is this nut-job and his brother was trying to learn the secrets of immortality, and things went a little too far. You and your companions decided to investigate further, but ended up getting nabbed, and locked inside this wackos office.”

“He’s on the run, and should be returning in about an hour. Better figure out what happened to the brother, and also get out, so you don’t share a similar fate. This room lets you live like Sherlock Holmes for 50 minutes. With Eerie decor, new surprises around every corner, and puzzles sure to stretch those detective muscles.”

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A total of up to 6 people is allowed in the room, and we suggest you completely fill up your team roster because you’re going to need all the brain power you an get. Rates for the escape rooms are $20 per person on weekdays and $25 per person on weekends. Additionally, the game cafe has no cover, but the staff would appreciate you buy a drink before you stay and play!

Book Missing Anatomy at the Riddle Room here.

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