While some may say that it's too early to start planning for the holiday season, I would argue that the more prepared you are the better. Winter has a nasty habit of creeping up on us when we're busy heading back to school, writing midterms, and celebrating Halloween. 

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Now is the perfect time to start creating your holiday bucket list, especially because there are so many amazing events and festivals that come around that time of year. One attraction in St. Jacob's, Ontario is no different because now you have the ability to travel to the North Pole on The Polar Express. 

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Like the book and movie by the same name, The Polar Express train at Waterloo Central Railway Museum will take you on a journey to the North Pole to live out the magic of the holidays. Stay cosy inside the train on a brisk winter evening as you listen to the soundtrack from the film adaptation of The Polar Express from 2004. 

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Not only will you get a magical evening to look out at the beautiful winter landscapes, there will also be onboard entertainment and snacks to enjoy. Chefs will come aboard your car to serve cookies and hot chocolate to guests. 

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Not only that, there will be the option to read the original Polar Express storybook and sing carols to get into the holiday spirit. Plus, those riding the train are also encouraged to wear their pyjamas to really get into the spirit of the story. 

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You can ride the Polar Express in St. Jacob's, Ontario from November 15 until December 22 of this year. The train only operates every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and will run three times a night at 5:30 PM, 7:00 PM, and 8:30 PM. 

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Tickets for the Polar Express train come in multiple tiers so you can custom fit your experience. A coach experience is $59.99 for a standard experience or you can pay $89.99 for VIP experience, including a collectors mug and silver bell, plus a visit with Santa!

If you think that the holiday train trip is something that your whole family or group of friends would love, don't fret. You can also rent your own caboose for a private event or party. A private car is $359.99 for up to six people ($60 each) or you rent the deluxe red caboose that fits up to 30 people for $1499.99. 

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If you're looking for a cool adventure in the fall, you can always visit the Waterloo Central Railway for an evening on the Hogwarts Express instead! Take a trip with Harry, Hermione and Ron to prepare for another school year at Hogwarts this fall if you're away during the holiday season! 

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Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate the holidays in a fun and creative new way! Grab your partner for a magical night out or a group of friends for a twist on your classic pyjama party.

No matter what, travelling on Waterloo Railway's Polar Express train will be sure to put you in the holiday spirit. Take a trip to the North Pole to see if you made the naughty or nice list this year, but don't wait because tickets are going fast! 

You can learn more about the Polar Express train and get additional information here. Just remember that the train departs at it's scheduled time no matter what, so don't be late!

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