With the Toronto Christmas Market officially no longer happening, and with social gatherings limited to only a handful of people, it may feel as if Christmas has been cancelled.

But there’s one shop that can keep Toronto's Whoville spirit alive: Flatiron’s Christmas Market.

The tiny shop is jam-packed with all sorts of goodies, from traditional ornaments to unusual figurines, and even a Santa dangling precariously from what looks like a festive hot-air balloon.

Located at 35 Jarvis St. in the downtown core, this place is only a few minutes from King St. subway station.

A Grinch wearing a face mask is a poignant reminder of the current otherwise very un-Christmassy situation. 

Been looking for that perfect merman showcasing-his-abs ornament? Of course, you have. Does it have anything to do with Christmas? Naw.

This wall just feels like a challenge.

It's never too early to start sending out holiday cards, right? Wrong. It is definitely too early to start sending out holiday cards.

They see Christmas, they feel Christmas, they want Christmas, they need Christmas. Or at least something red and white and sparkly and a happy distraction from everything that's not red and white and sparkly.

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