All you caffeine addicts out there, this one's for you! Coffee is a huge part of almost all of our days and most of us couldn't function in the morning without throwing back at least one cup of Joe. 

No one's ashamed to say that they're a caffeine addict because for one, coffee is delicious, and also tons of scientists have come out with studies showing that coffee drinkers actually live longer and are healthier than non-coffee drinkers

Whether that's true or not, coffee is amazing and we all know it. That's why it's no surprise that Toronto is hosting its own festival that's all about coffee and teas! 

Via Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo

The Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo will be back for it's second year on April 14th and 15th at the Evergreen Brickworks Pavilion! This event is all about show-casing the best coffee and tea found right here in Toronto! 

Tickets to the expo will cost $15 if you buy them online ahead and $20 if you decide to buy them at the door. What you'll find at the event will be the city's top baristas, tea sommeliers, and your favourite local coffee shops. 

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The event is open to all coffee and tea lovers as well as cafe owners, baristas and anyone that has any interest in coffee in the city! 

There will also be tons of fun activities happening during the expo like espresso-making classes, tea workshops, and a best cup competition! Celebrate Toronto's thriving cafe culture with over 5,000 other coffee and tea lovers in the city.

Via Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo

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Purchase your tickets at their Facebook Event and find out more information on their website.

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