The Toronto Zoo is hosting 19+ paint nights that are perfect for animal-lovers. On May 23 and June 27, you'll be able to take an adults-only painting class while sipping cocktails at the zoo.

Make sure to invite your friends to join you for a class, as these events are going to be so much fun! The zoo paint nights are perfect for everyone, no matter your artistic skill level. At the evening class, the instructor will teach you how to paint one of the creatures at the zoo, and once you are done you'll be able to take your painting home!

What makes the paint night experience at The Toronto Zoo extra special, is that you'll be able to get a closer look at some of the animals while you're there! At the start of the class, there is often small animals or birds available for you to meet before you begin painting.

Every paint night at the zoo has a unique theme, that coincides with the Zoo's ‘Saving Species Days’. For May the theme is sea turtles, while in June it is the giraffe as the zoo is celebrating World Giraffe Day. As such in May the class will teach you how to paint a cute sea turtle, and in June a colourful giraffe.

At the adults-only paint classes, there will also be special cocktails to enjoy too! Each class has a special cocktail to fit the theme of the painting. For example, in June you'll be able to enjoy a giraffe themed cocktail with your friends while you paint.


The Toronto Zoo has been offering Yaymaker’s paint nights since 2018. The goal of the classes is to help educate on the work the zoo does help the animals and their counterparts in the wild.

The paint nights on May 23 and June 27th both take place from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Special Events Centre at The Toronto Zoo. Tickets cost $55.50 for non-members. For more information about the art classes visit The Toronto Zoo's website.

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