LA POUTINE WEEK IS UPON US! And while many of you are thinking "okay that's sweet", many of you are also thinking "but what is it?" Don't worry, we'll tell you:

1. What?

The idea is simple: participating restaurants will offer specialty poutines just for the occasion. Dare to try them all? How many restaurants are there exactly? 16...yup, good luck.

2. When?

TODAY! And for the next week. The exact dates are Feb 1st-7th.

 3. Who? 

You! Anyone can participate and even rate the poutines on the downloadable app. Also, be sure to tag your instas with their hashtag #LaPoutineWeek.

 4. Where?

The participating restaurants are located all over the city, and even some even out in Brampton and Mississauga. Check them out:

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