When the clock strikes 5 after a long day of work, it's hard not to turn into the nearest TTC terminal and head home. But socialization is key to sanity, and so is a damn good sangria.

As long as you don't get too turnt, and make it to the office for 9am the next day, who is anyone to judge?!

Get your happy hour on, wherever you are. 

The Annex

Insomnia // 563 Bloor St. West

Whether it's a lunch time mimosa, or an after work caesar, Insomnia is a laid back casual resto & bar that has yummy snack sized eats and a guaranteed $3 drink special everyday. That's cheaper than subway fare nowadays. Bottoms up.

Big Crow // 176 Dupont

Picture a backyard BBQ you don't have to bring cheap wine to. That's the vibe at the Big Crow. Un-button your shirt and maybe your pants for some delicious slow-cooked ribs and rootbeer bourbon pitchers.

The Junction

Indie Ale House // 2876 Dundas St. West

Beer lovers rejoice. Indie Ale house offers a $13 5-beer flight sampler to make ordering all the easier. Pair any of their brews with their fried chicken or black truffle popcorn to make you forget all about your long day.

Farmhouse Tavern // 1627 Dupont St.

Relaxing and rustic, Farmhouse is the opposite of any office vibes. Try having a couple glasses of Ontario wine & splitting their Ploughman's Platter, equipped with a fried duck leg, smoked salmon, cheeses and more.

King St. West 

The Communist's Daughter // 1149 Dundas Street West

If you're the quiet type, The Communist's Daughter is ready and waiting. Often described as cozy and quaint, this bar channels neighbours-basement vibes, from the occasional singing bartender to the old school juke-box in the back.

 Bar Volo // 587 Yonge Street

Bar Volo is all about the business, in that their drink menu is practically untouchable. Volo prides themselves on obscure, rare and cool beer, liquor and drink variations - making it the perfect place to bring beer snobs or anyone you want to impress.


dbar // 60 Yorkville Ave, The Four Seasons Hotel

When in Yorkville, do as the A-list does. The Four Season's dbar fills your luxe quota one specialty cocktail at a time. House specials #TheSix & Pink Perk are waiting for your photo opt. Yes, this a place for pricier drinks in the city, but also one of the only bars where you leave feeling like a million bucks.

The Oxley // 121 Yorkville Ave

A little more laid back than luxey, The Oxley is piece of the UK in the city. No need to get dressed up, or to up your credit to eat & drink here. Couple pints and you're alright mate.

Queen West/Ossington

BarChef // 472 Queen St. West

If there was a Top Chef for bartending, BarChef could definitely compete. There are endless options for wild and crazy drinks to give you drinks and a show - from smoking Manhattan cocktails to alcoholic ramen.

Voodoo Child // 388 College St.

Known for both coffee and cocktails, Voodoo can give you an after work pick me up in more ways than one. How 'bout a bit of bourbon in your espresso or iced tea?

The Beaches

Castro's Lounge //  2116 Queen St. East

A great spot for any veg heads and beer lovers with a rotating selection of craft brews, and live local entertainment 5 nights a week!

skwish // 2252 Queen St. East

Super tasty, fresh, and reasonable asian fusion in the Beaches. Take advantage of skwish's happy hour specials, from $5 beers to margaritas depending on the evening.

The Distillery

Mill Street Brew Pub // 21 Tank House Lane

If you can't beat a classic, might as well join in. Mill Street has served thousands of people looking for good ol'burgers, fries and beer. With a re-vamped menu, and an open patio, it's not a bad place to kick back and forget the the work day.

El Catrin // 18 Tank House Lane

Yet another Distillery all-star, El Catrin is best known for their Mexican fare and gorgeous patio, but shouldn't be ignored for their stand out cocktails and white wine sangria!


Goods & Provisions // 1124 Queen St. East

Small plates & work dates, what more could you ask for? Goods & Provisions has a great selection of well-made snacks and killer cocktails. If you're feeling up to it, they also do great oysters!

The Thirsty Duck // 972 Queen St. East

Made for anyone missing the East Coast, the Thirsty Duck cinches the small town Nova Scotia feel with their amazing fish & chips and lengthy beer menu.


Shameful Tiki Room // 1378 Queen St. West

If you can't afford Hawaii, give Shameful Tiki Room a try. Serving both the best ~mystery bowl~ group cocktail and island vibes you could ever want after a day at a desk.

Restaurant Chantecler // 1320 Queen St. West

A quaint, classy spot for aprés work drinks, or maybe even a date while you're at it. Chantecler is a French inspired cocktail bar regarded for their tapas and snacks - i.e popcorn shrimp & calamari - as well as their wine & mixed drinks!

Roncesvalles / High Park  

Wallflower // 1665 Dundas St. West

Not to be confused with Wildflower, Wallflower is diamond in the Dundas St. rough. Ambient, quiet, and incredibly charming, Wallflowers mile long drink menus and little snacks make it the perfect place to hide out.

The Mugshot Tavern // 1729 Bloor St. West

Nothing criminal about this place. Mugshot gets it right with a nice rooftop patio, reasonably priced craft beers and fried mac & cheese. Standouts? The veggie burrito & Ontario casks.

Liberty Village

Nuit Social // 1168 Queen St. W

Sucker for a good charcuterie board? Chow down at Nuit with one of their house cocktails. If you're looking for something a little more filling? Pork ribs are a fan fav.

LOCAL Public Eatery // 171 East Liberty St.

The hub of Liberty is a great option for any dining occasion - drinks are no exception. Check out their bomb daily drink specials, and tasty pub fare for a guaranteed good time.

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