Sometimes you just wanna throw a knife. And sometimes, you want to drink at the same time. In Toronto, there's a place where you can do exactly that!

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Toronto Knife Throwing, or TKTO, is the city's only professional knife throwing range dedicated to offering "the highest calibre of professional instruction" to throwers of all levels. Not only is knife throwing a highly engaging an entertaining social activity, it's also a great way to train various skills, including focus, muscle memory and hand-eye coordination.

Here's how it works - small groups (1 - 5 people) are encouraged to walk-in during the designated hours. Each will be tended to by world-renowned knife throwing instructors who will provide a short introduction to the activity. Then, participants will have the a chance to throw some knives on their own, for sessions that last between 2 to 3 hours. They must all be equipped with closed-toe shoes, and a relatively loose top that won't interfere with upper body movement.

Another cool thing about TKTO is that visitors are allowed to bring their own drinks. Of course, there are strict rules regarding this - beer, pre-mixed coolers or ciders (in cans or tetra packs only) are allowed, as well as kegs and glass wine bottles as long as you use plastic cups. Hard alcohol, spirits and liqueurs are not allowed to ensure everyone's safety. 

The facility also permits visitors to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages, which is a great option for those looking to cater to larger groups. 

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