This past year there have been so many cool pop-up dining experiences to hit the city of Toronto, but the most popular one by far is dining inside a dome! We can't think of a cooler and more romantic way to eat dinner out than leading your date or your friends to a hidden location where they find tons of lit up domes waiting for them! 

That's exactly what Dinner With A View is bringing us this spring. They're offering a dining experience under the stars at an incredible location that they don't reveal to their guests until days before they're set to arrive and it continues to change! 

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Dinner With A View is hitting two Canadian cities this spring including Montreal and Toronto! Bookings for the Toronto location start on March 28th and run until May 2nd with limited quantities available. 

With your ticket, you'll get a 3-course meal which you will eat 'blind' where you'll be completely surprised by the magical creations that the chef prepares without any choice beforehand! All you have to do is choose the meat, seafood, or vegan option at checkout. 

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The domes are transformed into mini terrariums with distinct ecosystem themes such as tropical, grasslands, boreal forest, tundra and more. The domes are beautifully decorated and offer the perfect backdrop for photos! 

Tickets to the event cost $149 per dome reservation and $99 per guest for dinner. Each guest will pay for their own dinner and your group can split the cost of the dome. Each dome accommodates a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 guests. Advanced tickets officially go on sale today, February 15th in just a few hours to all American Express Cardholders! 

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The official location for their Toronto event has been revealed as The Bentway, under The Gardiner Expressway! Check out their website for more information and to book your tickets. 





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