Attention all pastry lovers! This unique experience is just for you. You can join in on an epic pastry crawl through Toronto's Greektown with an actual food writer who knows where to find all of the hidden gems.

This two and a half hour pastry crawl kicks off at the Alexander the Great Parkette right in the heart of Greektown. From there, you'll hit up bakeries along Danforth Avenue, tasting each bakeries' speciality as you go. Your host speaks Greek and actually lives in Greektown, so he knows exactly where to go for the most delicious and authentic pastries!

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There is so much more to greek pastries than just spanikopita and baklava. While you're in Greektown, look out for loukoumades which are basically Greek Timbits. They are fried balls of dough dipped in syrup and they're highly addictive! Many pastries are made with honey, nuts, cream and filo pastry. Greek pastries also go great with espresso, so make sure you order one somewhere along your pastry crawl.

If you take your pastries as seriously as I do, then you have to book a spot on this epic pastry crawl. Getting a chance to meet with the bakers and learn more about Greek culture sounds incredible! Plus, once you know all the secret ins and outs, you'll be able to seriously impress your friends with your knowledge of treats in one of the most fun neighbourhoods in Toronto.

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You can book your own spot on this epic pastry crawl on Airbnb Experiences! The price is $45 per person. It would be a really fun adventure for you to go on with friends from out of town or just on your own to sample the best pastries in Toronto.

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