Even for the seasoned stoner, baking the perfect weed brownie is an art form. It takes skill, practice and unwavering focus to successfully produce delicious baked treats that also get you baked. Thankfully, there's a company that teaches you how to do just that.

The Cannabis Cooking Company calls itself the "school of higher learning," and it's Toronto's original cannabis-infused cooking class. Students get hands-on experience in the kitchen making all kinds of cannabis creations. 

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Their best and likely most popular class is called the Wake and Bake. "Come get your morning fix with a fresh coffee, free breakfast and a Cannabis Infused Cooking Experience," the description reads. Participants learn how to make two different kinds of edibles and take them home at the end.

The classes are also highly educational. Those who attend will learn about the science behind the infusion, dosage calculation and microdosing practices - all the knowledge you need to safely indulge in homemade cannabis edibles in the future. These are the dates of their upcoming classes:

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The classes are roughly 4 hours long and you have to be at least 19 years old to participate. The Cannabis Cooking Company has rolled out their class schedule for the next few weeks and they've got a handful of holiday-themed cooking events on their roster. To sign up, check out their official website

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