Toronto offers a ton of different things you can do, but Torontonians tend to be a creatures of habit. Regardless of what new spots we try, we always gravitate back towards that one place in the city that we know and love.

While we can be a little bit basic sometimes, it's always in the name of a good time. So check out these 33 things most Torontonians are guilty of doing and see how many you've done!

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1. Acted like a tourist for the day and visited Ripley's Aquarium. 

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2. Taken a basic pic in Graffiti Alley. 

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3. Day drank at The Drake Sky Yard. 

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4. Went on a hike in the Bluffs. 

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5. Went to Fring's and taken a pic with the neon sign.

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6. Taken a typical pic of the CN Tower.

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7. Gone to a Jays/Leafs/Raptors game.

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8. Checked out some art at the AGO. 

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9. Gotten drunk on the lawn at Budweiser Stage. 

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10. Tried some ridiculous food at the Ex that most likely left you with a stomach ache. 

11. Gotten yelled at by the BELIEVE guy.  

12. Spent a night skating at Nathan Phillips Square. 

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13. Gone to see the orchids bloom at High Park. 

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14. Visited the Distillery Christmas Market. 


15. Taken that photo in Kensington Market. 

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16. Gotten stuck in the TTC because "delays." 

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17. Taken countless Insta-foodie pics at these spots around the city. 

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18. Gone to one of Sneaky Dee's theme nights. 

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19. Spent way too much on a pressed juice cleanse. 

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20. Treated yourself practically every 'Taco Tuesday' at just about every taco spot in the city. 

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21. Gone on at least one of these cliché (but still fun) Fall dates. 

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22. Let your latte get cold while trying to get the perfect Insta pic of the killer latte art on it

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23. Gone to one of Toronto's monthly pug meet ups. 

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24. Visited Kensington for their 'Pedestrian Sundays.'

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25. Attempted (and most likely failed) to finish a Sweet Jesus cone. 

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26. Thrifted at Black Market. 

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27. Done brunch to the nines at one of these spots. 

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28. Visited the massive inflatable duck this past Summer. 

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29. Made the trek to Canada's Wonderland for funnel cake the coasters! 

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30. Waited in a ridiculously long line up at Bang Bang for a waffle cone. 

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