In a city that feels as small as Vancouver often does, it's hard to get away with getting completely smashed at the local pub. Luckily there are a handful of bars that will pass zero judgement at the fact that your mascaras running and you've lost a shoe.

So go ahead, order a round of shots for your friends and when you think its probably time to head home...move on to the next bar on this list!

The Famous Warehouse // 989 Granville Street & 156 West Hastings Street

Home of the $4.95 food menu, and a stack of bartenders that will never let you leave sober. In a sea of top 40 clubs and expensive cocktail bars, lies this gem. The music is always loud and the fridge is always stocked with Lucky Lager. The Hastings location has a secret hole in the floor the size of a quarter that looks down onto some very peculiar scenes. If your not afraid to put your face to the floor it's worth a look.

The Metropole Community Pub  // 320 Abbott Street

Chances are, at one point in your life you had a stint of Tuesday $2 beer nights at The Met. It probably lasted longer then you would like to admit, but at least now you always have a place to call home. The name says it all..."Community Pub". This is definitely a spot to mix with other Gastowners in search of some cheap drinks.

Cambie Bar and Grill // 300 Cambie Street

Another Gastown pub with prices that are easy on the wallet. You can get a pitcher of beer for $10, the bar is huge, and there is a hostel upstairs so on the weekends it's full of locals and backpackers. Needless to say, if your liver can handle the cheap beer and you don't mind a two-day hangover, this is the spot to get loose.

Photo Cred - @yecido

The Roxy Cabaret // 932 Granville Street

This place has been around forever and should be on the map for places to see D-List Celebrities and Athletes in Vancouver.  Many BC Lions and members from everyone's favorite boy band Nickleback, have often been seen here chopping it up with the ladies. Chances are you got dragged here for a staggette or a birthday party by someone you know from high school that now lives in Coquitlam.

Gorg-O-Mish // 695 Smithe Street

It's 3am, Granville street is shutting down but you still want to party. Not to worry! Your favorite after-hours bar, Gorg-O-Mish, is just around the corner! And they are open all night, so the party never stops at Gorg!

The Cobalt // 917 Main Street

This one is a crowd favorite of the East Van community. Cheap drinks, live music and a lot of leather and denim. Girls, this is a good place to find that bearded tattooed, unemployed boyfriend you have been looking for.

The Ivanhoe // 1038 Main Street

When you've completely given up on having a good night you will find yourself crying over a $4 beer at The Ivanhoe. It's okay, no judgement.

Funky Winker Beans // 37 West Hastings Street

Vancouver's self proclaimed "Hardcore Dive Bar" conveniently located on Hastings Street. The spot to get fvcked up and sing karaoke pretty much any night of the week.

Photo Cred - @gadabouttown

Pub 340 // 340 Cambie Street

There is a very slim chance you have ever walked in here sober, or without feeling a bit of hesitation. It's really not as bad as it looks. The drinks are cheap and the karaoke is endless.

No. 5 Orange // 205 Main Street

It's 1:45am and you're looking for that last drink of the night. Its been a wild one already so what better way to end it then with a couple of lap dances! And remember - hand-sanitizer goes a long way.

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