Since childhood, we've all had memories of those long and hot summers of careless days spent with your best friend. Simple things like burying one another under the san on the beach or camping together in your back yard. This warm feeling of pure joy will make this wonderful person unforgettable.

Although you may not be interested in camping in your backyard today, that does't mean you can't enjoy those BFF moments full of laughs, complicit glance, everlasting chats about everything and anything. Whatever embarrassing moments, overwhelming flow of emotions or crazy thoughts of yours, your BBF is always there to support and listen to you.

Vancouver is the perfect place to create wonderful memories with your BBF ! Here are X cute places that are perfect to spend time with your favourite person in this world:

Photo cred - @freshaircinema

Fresh Air Cinema at Stanley Park

Bring blankets, snacks, beers and enjoy a movie alongside your BFF ! Re-watch one of your childhood movie such as Little Mermaid or argues on who will earn the heart of Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing...

Open Mic at the Cafe Deux Soleils

This Cafe is ideal for a chill evening! The artistic vibes of this cafe will inspire you to participate to the Open Mic on Thursdays. Perform the duet of your life with your forever partner in crime!

Photo cred - @joctanton

Hiking Challenge of Mount Seymour

If you feel lazy this summer and can't get yourself motivated to go to the gym, try hiking with your best friends! You'll never be more happy to reach the top and take a #proudofourselves selfie!

Photo cred - @mebeforeyouofficial

Watching Me before you

One great thing about your BBF is he/she is the only person shamelessly cry watching a cheesy rom-com. Me Before You, this beautiful and impassioned story will make you both cry and laugh together...

Photo cred - @netherlandteasalon

 Netherland Tea Salon

Discover a new world of fantasy, dream and high tea... This 18th century Parisian salon offers subtile and balanced flavours array of finger sandwiches and delicacies for a travel back in time to the flourishing period of haute couture.

Photo cred - @globaltribe_retreats

Beach Yoga

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday form 7 to 8pm, enjoy free yoga session at Kitsilano Beach Pool. Side by side, work on your flexibility while checking out the hotties on the beach...

Photo cred - @spennylac

Canada Day Fireworks

Starting at 10:30pm, have a picnic dinner at Harbour Green Park to get the best of viewing location! Explosion of colours, revisit your childhood Canada Day memories with your bestie.

Enchanted Evenings Concert Series at the Dr Sun Yat Sen Garden

Organized by the Dr Sun-Yat-Sen Chinese Classical on Thursday from Jun 30th to August 25th, enjoy your evening listening to local artists from Vancouver. In an enchanting and peaceful atmosphere, these concerts are the break that you need before facing the endless Friday of work.

Photo cred - @cassielac

Empire Cruise Party

Party on boat is must during Summer! Welcoming DJ NV from Toronto, SINA From Radio Javan and DJ Y.K Vancouver, own the dance floor with your bestie! Book your Sunday on the 17th of July for one of the craziest party this Summer!

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Wine Tasting at Vancouver Urban Winery 

Enjoy local artists over wine glasses every Monday to the Guest List Event and get a taste of the fancy European drinking style. Laugh together at each other tipsy jokes!

Photo cred - @marcuszhuang

Get Breakfast for dinner at Breka

This 24 hour Cafe and Bakery will sure your late cravings for sugar (or anytime in the day). European pastries connoisseur, you will both get a food coma from all the choice of sugary goodness offered.

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