Vancouver is a city that is known for it's healthy eating and active lifestyle. But for all my homies out there like me who have vague plans to start working out somewhere in the month of September, and who treats themselves more than they'll admit, this list is for y'all.

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Here are the 11 places to get desserts for under 5$ before the summer ends if you're broke AF. Because who isn't?

Cheesecake Etc. // 2141 Granville Street

For all you night owls, Cheesecake Etc. is a great option to get some cheap delicious dessert. Open from 7pm to 1am every evening at Cheesecake Etc. you can get an original slice of cheesecake for $5. When available you can also order the Cheesecake Trifle for just $5 and all cheesecakes are also served with whipped cream.

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Crackle Crème // 245 Union Street

Crackle Crème is a broke mans dream. At Crackle Crème you can purchase a crème brûlée for 5$,  a Belgian lèige waffle with a nutella or salted caramel spread for 4.25$, or one of their specially designed macaroon for just $2.90. You can even take your créme brûlée to go in a little mason jar. The Instagram possibilities are endless.

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Cartems Donuts // 534 West Pender & 2190 Main St & 3040 West Broadway

A Vancouver favourite - Cartems Donuts is a great place to go and spend under $because one donut only costs between $3.25 to $3.75. Although one may not seem like a lot with available flavours such as Canadian Whiskey Bacon and Triple Chocolate Threat, one is probably all you need.

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Beta 5 Chocolates // 413 Industrial Ave

Beta 5 Chocolates can be a bit more pricey but there are a few tasty items you can purchase for cheap. Their legendary cream puffs come in flavours such as salted caramel, earl grey, and vanilla. They also serve some amazing ice cream, sorbet, and ice cream sandwiches with monthly rotating flavours for 5$.

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Rain or Shine Ice Cream // 3382 Cambie Street, 1926 West 4th Ave

Rain or Shine Ice Cream is renowned for supporting local through their ingredients and helping the environment by using compostable packaging. All of their ice cream is made from scratch in house and features flavours such as london fog, and honey lavender. A single of their delicious ice cream cost just 4.50$ or you can get a single with two flavours for 5$.

Hugo's Churros // Food Truck

Hugo's Churros was invented by a man named Daniel Garcia Consejo because he was unhappy with the availability of churros in the lower mainland. We are so thankful.  Get yourself and scrumptious churro for just $1.75, a heart shaped churro for $3 or a heart shaped churro dipped in white chocolate for $4. If you want to push your budget a bit you should definitely treat yourself to a churro ice cream sandwich.

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Ganache Pattiserie // 1262 Homer St

Ganache Pattiserie was inspired by French patisserie tradition. Treat yourself to a "pain au chocolat", "croissant au fromage", or a slice of "pain au raisin & canneberge" for under 5 bucks. Just make sure to ask the employee what each of the titles means in English before you decide. Keep this place in mind when you're ordering cake for your next big event.

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On Yogurt // 95 Smithe St

On Yogurt is the place to go if you're looking for some healthier options under $5. All of the yogurt is organic, gluten free and available in unique flavours like peanut butter and Oreo. Get yourself a handmade yogurt, ice fried yogurt, ice fried gelato yogurt or a yogurt shake are all for under 5$. You can also choose to add topping for 60 cents each.

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Thomas Haas Chocolates // 2539 West Broadway & 998 Harbourside Drive

Thomas Haas Chocolates is a great place to go get some amazing cakes and pastries. Basically everything available at Thomas Haas is under $5. So go get a croissant, danish, puff pastry, brioche, or a scone chosen from a variety of flavours at a price that we can all afford.

Vegan Pudding & Co. // #101-422 Richards Street

A health inspired dessert option for all us broke sugar addicts out there. The gluten free and vegan custard pudding is definitely worth checking out. Get yourself a chocolate or vanilla pudding, or branch out if you're feeling adventurous and try roasted black sesame or roasted green tea. Vegan puddings are just 3.85$ each or 4.75$ if you want to add special sauce.

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La Casa Gelato // 1033 Venables Street

La Casa Gelato is a no brainer for good ice cream in Vancouver. With over 200 different flavours to choose from, a cute patio to eat your ice cream on, and a giant pink wall that provides infinite Instagram possibilities, you can't go wrong at this place. One scoop of ice cream is just 5 bucks.

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