We all love to get a little wild in town from time to time, but it takes away from a night of shenanigans when in the back of your mind you know you're burning a hole in your wallet to the point it'll take a week of work to recover. There's not much you can do about the price of drinks, though some places are certainly cheaper than others, but one way you can save money for sure is by avoiding costly cover charges.

There are a few bars and clubs that'll welcome you in without asking you to pay for the privilege. So check out this list and save some money this weekend:

1. Fortune // 147 E Pender St

Check out their Facebook page and put yourself on the guest list for events. Most cases, if you get there before 11 and you're on the list, you're good to go.

2. Backstage Lounge // 1585 Johnston St

Most days if you get there before 9 or 10 there's no cover and what makes things better is that they have the some of the cheaper drink deals in the city.

3. The Cambie Pub // 300 Cambie St

Usually there's no cover, unless it's late in the night and really crowded. Get there early though, and should be no problem.

Photo cred - @led_bar

4. REUP // 967 Granville St

At Caprice Nightclub on Wednesday, if you put yourself on the guest list the night before and get there before 10 – no cover!

5. Lamplighter // 92 Water St

Sunday to Thursday is no cover all night and Friday and Saturday before 9.

6. TwelveWest // 1219 Granville St

They sometimes do guest list and the cutoff is usually late, like midnight.

7. Guilt & Company // 1 Alexander St

Burlesque and belly dancing free of charge most nights. A lesser known spot that is worth checking out.

8. Manchester Pub // 1941 W Broadway

No cover. Good place to drink beer and play games.

Photo cred -@brelanalexa

9. London Pub // 700 Main St

Cool spot and no cover charge most nights. Pool table and darts to keep you entertained while you drink.

10. Warehouse Pub // 156 W Hastings St

Pretty good food, cool crowd, outside seating, and no cover.

11. The Bimini // 2010 W 4th Ave

No cover except for Friday and Saturday. Wednesdays are always pretty popular especially during the school year!

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