Valentine's Day is less than a week away and you still don't have a date. So? I am a firm believer that Valentine's Day doesn't have to just be about outrageous and obnoxiously cheesy declarations of "I love you" between significant others, but about outrageous and obnoxiously cheesy declarations of "I love you" between people who simply love each other, whether that be your family, your best friends, coworkers or even your furry little friend.

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Just because all your cuffed up friends are spending Valentine's Day with their baes, doesn't mean you're left behind! Call up your family/best friends and tell them how much you love them, and treat them to a super fun Valentine's Day date with this list!

And in the spirit of Valentine's Day, we love you Vancouver! Have fun!

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1. Floatation therapy by yourself or with your bestie.

Couples shmupples, who needs a man to treat you? Girl, treat yo'self! Or even treat yo'self and a girlfriend to a relaxing sensory depravation tank that will relieve all your daily stresses and give you the TLC you deserve. Check out this Groupon to get one full 90 minute couple's float session, or two 90 minute single float sessions.

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2. Go snowshoeing and then fondue-ing with your girls.

Take your special bestie along with you to Grouse Mountain's annual Valentine's Day Snowshoe and Fondue on Sunday, February 12! Snowshoe through the magical snow capped mountains and beautiful twinkle lights, and then when you're completely snowshoed out, eat your heart out with their delicious chocolate fondue!

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3. Go to a free Valentine's Day yoga event.

Ladies of Vancouver, dedicate Valentine's Day to the one and only love of your life: yoga. Semperviva Yoga will be offering a free yoga event on Tuesday, February 14, 7:30PM to 8:45PM. All you have to do is RSVP to the event and you'll be ready to go! And did we mention they'll be having a chocolate feast after? Celebrate health, love, and lots and lots of chocolate!

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4. Try an escape room with your girl gang.

You and your ladies can finally be the Charlie's Angels you've always wanted to be. Guess HQ has the most exciting back stories for escape rooms that'll make you feel like you're solving a real mystery! From robbing a maximum security art gallery to searching through ancient underground mines, what is Valentine's Day even?

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5. Share a Strawberry Waffle Shake with your BFF.

If you don't already know, Off The Grid Waffles at 2665 Kingsway is home to some of the most outrageous milkshakes and waffle cups. If a strawberry milkshake covered in chocolate, strawberry Pocky, sprinkles and whipped cream doesn't scream Valentine's Day, I don't know what does.

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6. Have your own Magic Mike experience at Shower Power Thursdays.

Don't lie ladies, you've always secretly (or not secretly) wanted to go to a male strip club. So why not? Every Thursday night is The Odyssey Bar's Shower Power event where the sexiest men get down and make you forget all about Channing Tatum.

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7. Get classy with an afternoon/high tea service.

Boys will always be boys, and they probably won't care for a cute afternoon tea service with adorable little macarons, cute tea cups and sweet pastries. And that's where your girls come in. Dress up with you best friends and go to one (or all) of these adorable places that serve afternoon tea in Vancouver.

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8. Go for a wine and cheese tasting at Salt Tasting Rooms.

Get wine drunk with your girls at a tasting session at Salt Tasting Rooms while enjoying a yummy selection of cheeses. This is your opportunity to learn about wine so you can pretend to be bougie at your next date.

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9. Take advantage of the snow and go tubing at Mount Seymour.

While everyone else in Vancouver is crying over the snow, take advantage of it and hit the snow tubes at Mount Seymour! With one of the longest, steepest, and most fun tubing trails in Vancouver, forget the skiis and snowboards, the boys and the ex-boyfriends.

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10. Belt your heart out to All The Single Ladies at Fantacity Karaoke.

Even if you're not actually single, who cares? Beyonce is queen and so are you. Hit up Fantacity Karaoke for some girl power karaoke and a couple (or too many) drinks.

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11. Experience Japan Unlayered with your besties. (CLOSED)

Cool stuff is always happening in Vancouver, and you definitely don't need a boy to go to these cool events. Fairmont Pacific Rim is hosting their Japan Unlayered Exhibition until February 28, celebrating Japanese architecture, design and culture. Highly recommended is their Gozen "Chef's Plate" by Chef Nozaki, offering only 15 lunch plates per day by reservation. Girl, make that reso.

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12. Share a gigantic punch bowl with your girls at The Parlour.

Share a massive 12 oz. punch bowl that's literally bigger than your head with your girlfriends and drink until the day after Valentine's Day, spending the entire night with the people you love the most.

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