Vancouver is a fun town and there are a lot of great people here to boot. It's always really amazing when you branch out and end up meeting someone really cool which is bound to happen in this city, because lets face it, we're all more awesome than most. Though, sometimes the trouble is figuring out what to do with a new acquaintance – you want to have a memorable time which means you have to do something out of the ordinary.

Whether this is a first date or an outing with a mysterious colleague from work, these are some unique things to do in Vancouver that really can't compare to the mundane ideas usually proposed. So if you're not in the mood to watch a movie or get a pitcher at the bar, you're in luck.

1. Visit the historic Gabriola House

Legend has it this house is haunted. Bring a ouija board and maybe a little wine, but only if you don't scare easily. The place has recently been sold so be careful trespassing. Go at night and hang out in the spooky backyard.

2. Gorge yourself on $1 oysters

The city is right on the ocean so take advantage of the great seafood. Oysters are the perfect summer food and goes great with cocktails. Plus it's an aphrodisiac (wink wink). See an extensive list of places to feast on those slimy shellfish here.

3. Drink/eat a ridiculous caesar at Score on Davie

Drinking might not sound that unique, but these caesars are really crazy. This will be an absurd dining experience for sure and by the end you might even be a little tipsy. Nothing makes friends quicker than when a little bit of booze gets put into the mix.

4. Play Pokémon GO to get discounted ice cream

If you are both into playing Pokémon then chances are you already have plenty to bond over, but a little ice cream can't hurt the situation. You can get discounted ice cream at Lik by dropping lures. Read the full story here.

Photo cred - @juliana.loch

5. Go to the Extreme Air Park trampoline gym

This Richmond trampoline park isn't too far and looks like a total blast. Bounce around with your new friend, play some basketball, do a flip or two and you'll be friends in no time.

6. Bring your date to an open mic night

There are many open mic nights and poetry readings around the city on certain days. You can see the full schedule here. Impress your new companion with some words of your own or just sit back and enjoy the success and failure of others.

7. Hit up the natural waterslide in Lynn Canyon

All the details you need to know are right here. With the warm weather, there are only so many days left to do this type of stuff. This will be fun, refreshing, and exhilarating – three perfect things to make a lasting impression.

8. Play some free outdoor tennis at David Lam Park

One of the prettier parks to play tennis with the backdrop of False Creek. If you and your new pal are the athletic type, this is a good way to get some exercise and maybe even find your next workout buddy.

9. Relax at Spa Utopia with your new girl crush

So you met a girl at the bar a few nights ago and totally hit it off because you were wearing the same high heals. Have a spa day with the new gal pal and see what else you have in common.

10. Check out the night sky at GMS Observatory

On Fridays and Saturdays from 8 pm to midnight, you can observe the stars from a high powered telescope in Kitsilano. It's free entry, making it the perfect thing to do in the evening on a clear night.

11. Rent jet skis from Vancouver Water Adventures

Just like in the movie Hitch with Will Smith, jet skiing would be a spectacular first date or exciting adventure with a new friend. You would get to see so much of the city while getting a little wet. It's not the cheapest activity, but in the end, definitely worth it.

12. Have a picnic at a farmers' market

There are several markets all throughout the city. See the full list here. Get some fresh food, set up a blanket and get to know each other over local cheeses, fruits, and wine (in coffee cups).

13. Go fishing off of Jericho Yacht Club's jetty

You recently met a new bro who likes to fish. This is a pretty good spot near the city to catch a few. What a classic way to do some male bonding. Cast out and shoot the sh*t until you get a strike. The bigger the fish, the stronger the friendship.

14. Try to escape at Smartypantz

The escape rooms are becoming a popular outing and Smartypantz is supposedly the best in the city. Put your new partner's mind to the test and see if they have the brains required to be your friend.

Photo cred - @o_l.i.v.i.a

15. Get naked at Wreck Beach

Well, if we're being honest – there's no faster way to get to know some one. It's definitely unique being one of the only nude beaches in Canada so if you're ready to show your full self, maybe you'll find someone who truly loves the full you.

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