So you had a hard week (yeah, yeah I know it's Monday but I'm just planning ahead). I digress...So you had a hard week and now you need a stiff drink. Vancouver arguably has some of the best craft beer but you're looking to find a drink that will combine a multitude of high-end liquors you can't pronounce and will probably run you between $12-$18 a pop. Treat yo self.

Any of the listed bars below will give you just that. With liquor cabinets stocked beyond your dad's wildest dreams and rims salted or sweetened with weird shit that you don't question be sure to check out all these spots and rate them from fancy to freakshow.

And don't be sad if you ever get stuck at the overflow table or end up at the bar instead. Order up a scotch egg and chat with your neighbours, you'll be surprised by the friendships you can forge over a whiskey sour.

The Pourhouse // 162 Water Street

The Keefer Bar // 135 Keefer St

LIFT // 333 Menchion Mews

Burdock & Co // 2702 Main St

Maenam // 1938 W 4th

Prohibition // 801 West Georgia St

The Diamond // 6 Powell St

The Chill Winston // 3 Alexander St

Bambudda // 99 Powell St

Long Table Distillery // 1451 Hornby

UVA // 900 Seymour St

West // 2881 Granville St

Lobby Lounge // 138 Victory Ship Way

Wildebeest // 120 W Hastings

The Acorn // 3995 Main St

Homer St. Cafe // 898 Homer St

The Shameful Tiki // 4362 Main St

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