While you pull up your Instagram feed and see your friends in Hawaii and Portugal this summer, you're literally sitting here bathing in jealousy asking yourself, "Why am I not there??!?!?" 😭😭😭

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But I mean, honestly, we all know why. We're just too damn broke. But who says you need to travel to have fun?

There's no shame in being a tourist in your own city. There's so much to do in Vancouver this summer, and here are just a few of the many ways to have an awesome summer right here at home. Go on and make the most of it!

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1. If you can't go to Asia and have their insane street food, go to the Richmond Night Market instead.

Cost: $3.75 for admission

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2. If you can't go to the tropics, let the tropics come to you at the Bloedel Conservatory.

Cost: $6.50 for admission

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3. Can't go to China? Visit the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden in the heart of Chinatown.

Cost: Free

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4. Can't go to New York for the awesome street art? Hit up these Vancouver street murals for the perfect IG shot.

Cost: Free

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5. If you can't go tubing in a lazy river in Thailand, why not take a little road trip to Pentiction and go tubing in this 7KM river?

Cost: Free

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6. Can't visit the wineries in France? Go on a wine tasting roadtrip in the Okangan vineyards instead.

Cost: Wine tastings vary from by donation to around $10.

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7. Can't go to the hot springs in Okinawa? Visit The Grotto Spa on the Island that's just as relaxing instead.

Cost: $40 for pool access

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8. Can't go to Mexico for a tanning sesh at the beach? Hit up the pool at Second Beach.

Cost: $5.98/person

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9. If you can't go shopping in Milan, go thrifting at The Rag Machine instead.

Cost: $4.95/lb of clothes

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10. Can't go to Hawaii to catch a wave? Catch one at Cultus Lake Waterpark. Trust me, the waves are way better. 

Cost: Catch their $12 After School Special Jun 5 - 29, every weekday 2:30PM to 6:30PM.

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11. If you can't go to Six Flags in LA, go the Playland instead. Yes, it's open!

Cost: $33 (online)

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12. You don't have to go to Sydney for great coffee. Go coffee shop hopping in your own hood with this list.

Cost: Free (okay, except the coffee)

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13. Can't go to a low key beach in Majorca? Hit up these hidden beaches in Vancouver.

Cost: Free

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14. Can't get gelato in Italy? Choose from over 200 flavours at Le Casa Gelato! And don't forget to take a cute IG shot at the infamous "pink wall"

Cost: $5 - $9

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15. Can't go to the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Check out this natural wonder right in your backyard.

Cost: Free

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16. Too broke to even watch a movie in the theatre? Watch free movies in at Stanley Park every Tuesday night this summer starting July. (Exact dates TBA)

Cost: Free

via @theroamingnomads

17. Can't go anywhere? Who cares?! Discover your own PNW! Go hiking at Garibaldi Lake Provincial Park and be amazed at your own views.

Cost: Free

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