It's finally starting to look like summer! That means no more rain checking dates because of the weather. It means no more staying inside because it gets dark by 7 pm! It means no more complaining to your significant other about your lack of a tan! Sorry guys, you'll still be taking photos for her regardless of weather. 

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So to celebrate the arrival of summer, and get every couple amped for the long, warm months ahead of us, here are 21 things to do with your boyfriend (or significant other) this summer! 

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1. Take a cooking class together at The Dirty Apron 

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2. Catch a comedy show at the Vancouver TheatreSports League on Granville Island!

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3. Make like the tourists and go running, rollerblading or cycling on the Vancouver Seawall. 

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4. Grab a blanket, get cozy and watch a movie under the stars at Stanley Park. 

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5. Grab a picnic basket and explore one of these secret beaches

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6. Get competitive and see who can make the trek up the Grouse Grind the fastest. 

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7. Done the Grind once (or twice)? Drive out to Squamish and try hiking Shannon Falls!

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8. Enjoy the great outdoors without fully roughing it, and go glamping in BC's backyard!

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9. See some goats on the roof (among other cute knick knacks) at the Old Country Market in Coombs, BC!

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10. Give your date an old-school theme with this retro soda shoppe in downtown Victoria! 

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11. Wait for dark, grab your BF's arm and get chills at a haunted tour in Victoria, BC!

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12. Rent a kayak or paddleboard and adventure over to Jug Island

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13. Make a night brewery hopping downtown Vancouver: 33 Acres is a must visit!

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14. Head over to Kingsway and take your dessert game to a new level at 17°C Dessert Café

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15. You've had a candle-light dinner, why not try a brighter and funkier vibe at The Eatery on Broadway!

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16. Did you guys even celebrate summer if you didn't go to Playland and The PNE?! 

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17. Test his wit... and patience... and just about everything else with an escape room game! There are a number of locations in Vancouver Richmond!

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18. Soak in and relax together at Harrison Hot Springs for a day. 

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19. Get day-drunk and stay a while after a wine tasting in Summerland, BC!

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20. Get romantic and make a wish under these trees at the Richmond Night Market! Oh... and stuff your face with the food. That too. 

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21. Find your favourite Ice Cream of the Summer off this list! And maybe get ice cream stuck on your lip... 

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