I hate to break it to you, but very rarely do you ever find yourself bored in Vancouver. Not only is there a long list of  year round activities to chose from, both indoor and out, but by nature Vancouverites are adventure seekers. Inevitably, though, even the best of us hit a wall of boredom.

Unsure of what to do with ourselves, it can be hard to find inspiration. When this time comes, instead of binge watching Friends for the 54th time on Neflix, check out this list of possible things to do in Vancouver when you’re feeling a little bored.

1. Climb a mountain, any mountain (because you can)

2. Discover its existence and then play archery tag

3. Make some extra money at Rent Cheque Amateur Stripper Night

4. Treat yo self at La Casa Gelato and chose from over 200 flavours

 5. Go for a hike at Quarry Rock and grab a pizza after

6. Make some feline friends at Catfe (you guessed it, a café full of cats)

7. Join a drum circle

8. Go skim boarding at Spanish Banks

9. Pig out on sushi

10. Watch a movie in Stanley Park

11. Trip out at the Vancouver Laser Show

12. Put yourself out there, literally and physically, at Wreck Beach

13. Relax and grab a drink on a patio like Local

14. Check out the latest exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery

15. Have a picnic at Kits Beach picture

16. Rent a bike and travel around the Seawall

17. Get a medical cannabis card

Photo cred - tomoaki.1120

18. Go bouldering inside or outdoors and feel your forearms like you never have before

19. Try a cooking class

20. Take a free yoga class

21. Take the Aquabus over to Granville Island for - you guessed it - more food

22. Grab a new book at the Central Library

23. Go geocaching

24. Go shopping along Main Street

25. Head over to the local farmer's market and buy local produce

26. Find the perfect spot for brunch (Caesars are key)

27. Ride the Expo Line from Waterfront Station to King George

28. Try all the food trucks at once

29. Drink and get a workout 

30. Discover new music

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