If I'm being honest, I'm a bit of an Instagram stalker lurker lover. I'm obsessed with browsing through beautiful Instagram accounts with amazing aesthetic.

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And then it gets me wondering, where are all these amazing places they're taking pictures?! And I'm sure you might think the same.

My biggest frustration is when blogger just tag "Vancouver". Like, duh, we know you're in Vancouver. So we've taken the liberty of pinning down the exact location of 36 places to take seriously bomb Instagram pictures. Get out our DSLRs and iPhones, we're about to go on a city Insta trip!

via @emilymagowan

1. This mural on the side of City Centre Motor

Located at: 2111 Main St.

via @viranlly

2. Bloedel Floral Conservatory

Located at: 4600 Cambie St inside Queen Elizabeth Park

via @livelightco_

3. "Time Is Precious" white neon lights in Gastown

Located at: just above Secret Location at 1 Water St

via @xox.loveandfashion

4. This colourful alley in downtown

Located at: the alley south of W Hastings and in between Granville and Seymour St.

via @_n00bstagram

5. Bridge along the Seawall in Olympic Village

Located at: Olympic Village Walk

via @jesscouzens

6. Ladies bathroom at Fortune Sound Club

Located at: 147 E Pender St

via @soldes

7. Olive and Ruby Cafe

Located at: 2839 W Broadway

via @maefacundo

8. Dragon zone paddling club & The Village Dock in Olympic Village

Located at: Olympic Village Walk

via @carajourdan

9. Capilano Suspension Bridge

Located at: 3735 Capilano Rd

via @amwaibs

10. Whytecliffe Park

Located at: 7102 Marine Dr

via @ddgurl2

11. This cotton candy colour inspired mural

Located at: The Arts Factory at 281 Industrial Ave


12. Outside Gene Cafe

Located at: 2404 Main St.

via @dorringtonr

13. Belgard Kitchen and Postmark Brewery

Located at: 55 Dunlevy Ave

via @carajourdan

14. This technicolor wall mural

Located at: the corner of W 6th Ave and Granville St

via @liliansolperez

15. Glass wall pedestrian overpass at Metrotown

Protip: Go at night and it lights up in rainbow colours!

via @vancitywild

16. St. Mark's Summit

Located at: Cypress Provincial Park at 6000 Cypress Bowl Rd

via @speakoftheangel

17. Jack Chow Insurance Building

Located at: 8 Pender St

via @narcity_vancouver

18. Birds & The Beets

Located at: 55 Powell St

via @arenademar

19. This floral wall on the side of Umbrella Pro

Located at: 8th and Main St


20. Marine Building

Located at: 355 Burrard St

via @liliansolperez

21. Dundarave Pier

Located at: 25th and Bellevue Ave

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

22. La Pentola

Located at350 Davie St

via @bricolage

23. La Casa Gelato

Located at: 1033 Venables St

via @ryleybickerdike

24. Liberty Bakery LTD

Located at: 3699 Main St.

via @vancitywild

25. Quarry Rock

Located at: The Bayden Powell Trail at Deep Cove

via @madeehall

26. MacLeod's Books

Located at: 455 W Pender St

via @carolynnlacasse

27. Prado Cafe

Located at: 100 W Hastings

via @kristianhay

28. Another insane mural

Located at: the side of Fontile Warehouse at 237 Southern St

via @viranlly

29. The Cross Decor & Design

Located at: 1198 Homer St

via @loanne.ng

30. Nelson the Seagull

Located at: 315 Carrall St

via @tovogueorbust

31. Gastown

Located at: the fork of Carrall St, Water St, Powell St and Alexander St

via @nathaliephanhan

32. Iona Beach Causeway

Located at: 900 Ferguson Rd

via @tovogueorbust

33. Granville Island

Located at: 1669 Johnston St

via @undefined

34. The pink bench at Bestie

Located at: Bestie at 105 E Pender St

via @summerlheron

35. Old Faithful Shop

Located at: 320 W Cordova St

via @mike_benson40

36. Brandy Wine Falls

Located at: Brandy Wine Provincial Park in Squamish

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