It appears now that Pokémon GO is taking over cities worldwide, clearly we are all still kids at heart. Kids like to play games, but as children we never got to experience many of the classics while intoxicated. There's something super fun about trying to play Scrabble with a bunch of drunks or plucking Jenga bricks with a beer in your hand, which is why Vancouver has several bars fully stocked with all the classic games to keep you entertained while you drink and laugh with friends.

Check out these awesome spots with your buddies for a more unique night of drinking:

1. Storm Crow Tavern // 1305 Commercial Dr

“Board games galore and sci-fi TV around the clock!” Soon as you walk in you are hit with a great atmosphere, as spaceships hang from the ceilings and Star Wars posters line the walls. They've got every game you can think of and the food is delicious. Beer specials are always a good deal so come get your nerd on and have a few.

2. EXP Restaurant & Bar // 309 W Pender St

This spot has good eats and drink as well as many awesome activities and events to keep you partying well after dinner. Every Thursday night they do game night where the whole bar area competes for exp points and prizes.

3. Score on Davie // 1262 Davie St

A happening hub with great grub and endless drink deals. They have themed parties all of the time and they also have board games to play out on there gorgeous patio. They also do brunch which is a lot of fun on a nice day when you feel like getting an early start on the Caesars.

Photo cred - @ouibonsoir

4. Six Acres // 203 Carrall St

One of the coolest Gastown hangout pubs. High quality beer at happy hour surrounded by charming décor is hard to beat, but that's not all – they also have funny books to read and board games to play to add to the excitement. They have a chill patio and it is apparently the oldest brick building in Vancouver.

5. Water Kitchen & Bar // 131 Water St

More board games to be found here. Now that Guilt & Co no longer offers games, this is the new spot to get your Scrabble on in Gastown! The food is really tasty and at such a perfect location, it is definitely worth stopping by for a quick game of Jenga and a beer.

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