My dad (baba) is one of my best friends. We talk about controversial political issues, we sing duets on the guitar and best of all, we enjoy all the delicious treats that the food world has to offer. Whether it was keeping an eye on my lack of studying in middle school or watching every long youtube video that I just HAD to share, my dad has always been there for me. He has taught me vital life lessons ranging from how not to be a sore loser after I repeatedly lost at Monopoly and how to make an Omlette. He has taught me the value of a good, musical melody and the value of money.

While my father lives over 7,000 miles away from me, I urge all of you to spend this special day, father's day, with the first man you ever loved. If breakfast in bed and playing mini golf has started to get old, here are 5 unique things to do with your dad this father's day: 

Photo cred- @courtneyzelter

1. Visit The Vancouver Art Gallery.

Peel your eyes away from the TV and appreciate some fabulous art at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Whether you're both critically in to art or if you just want to ogle at pieces you don't understand together, there is no doubt you will have a somewhat inspirational experience. And dad will give you some points for creative thinking!

Photo cred- weheartit

2. Go on a Hike.

Enjoy the beauty of the BC with your dad. Check out a list of hikes near the city for every level of fitness here. Chances are your old man will be beating you to the top so take it easy on yourself.

Photo cred- weheartit

3. Watch Finding Dory.

It's very likely that when our little friend Nemo went missing in the early 2000s, dad was by your side. He was probably around the 1023029 other times you've watched this movie too. This story is a powerful symbol of fatherly love and watching it with your own special Marlin is the best way to do it!

Photo cred- @garaboehm

4. Go Paint balling.

Awaken the competitive side of your father-child relationship with a friendly game of paint ball. You can throw it back to all the times you and dad played hide and seek and he pretended he didn't see you even though you were giggling in the same spot you chose every single time.

Photo cred- @the_beer_o_crats

5. Take a tour of a local Brewery.

As we get older, our relationships with our parents morph into occasional moments of friendship. Your dad might always see you as his little kid but fostering an adult to adult relationship is so important with your growing maturity. Vancouver has some of the best brewery's in the country! Check them out here.

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