When it comes to outstanding views, the Vancouver area is hard to beat, but there are some perspectives very few of us get to behold. How does flying above the city sound? A bird's eye view is a new and exciting way to take in the skyline, sea, and mountain vistas, and will undoubtedly leave you well satisfied with a proud appreciation for our wonderful city.

There are a few companies that offer such an experience. Whether you want the privilege to be in a chopper or plane, there is a company for you. If you find yourself in the Okanagan Valley near Kelowna, there is also an awesome hot air balloon company that'll lift you into the clouds. So anyone looking for a change of scenery, you need not travel far – only up!

1. Okanagan Ballooning // 848 Leon Ave, Kelowna

This is one of the only spots in BC for ballooning. The view from above all of the lakes, vineyards, and farmlands of the Okanagan Valley is a sight to behold. The company operates year round and is family owned. Flights usually last about 1 hour depending on wind speeds. A standard flight costs $300 per person. It includes a champagne celebration in the sky!

2. SKY Helicopters // 455 W Waterfront Road

This is the leading helicopter company in Vancouver. They offer sightseeing tours and rides as well as transport for special events such as weddings. They have lots of different flights ranging from 15 minutes to an hour.

3. Harbour Air // 1055 Canada Place

If you want to explore BC's coastline from the air, this is one of best options out there. You can take a 20 minute panorama tour of Vancouver or make your way along the coastline of Vancouver Island. They also offer glacier tours from their Whistler base.

Photo cred - @b_stingz

4. Grouse Mountain Heli Tours // 6400 Nancy Greene Way

Grouse has basically every activity you can think of and that includes helicopter tours. They have several packages that take you over Crown Mountain, Lions Peak, or down the coast. Also, if you feel like having an unforgettable evening, they offer a fly, dine & drive experience – get picked up downtown via helicopter and fly to Grouse's famous mountain top restaurant. After eating, return to the city in a stylish limousine.

5. BC Helicopters // 30440 Liberator Ave

This company is in Abbotsford, but they offer some truly unique tours that look absolutely amazing. These include a helicopter tour to hot springs, heli camping, and alpine lake fishing and mountain tour. So if you feel like getting plopped in the middle of the wilderness, this is the company to do it.

6. Seair Seaplanes // 1055 Canada Place

These guys boast the most luxurious seaplane fleet around. They have some really cool tours such as flying by waterfalls. Another awesome package takes you to Nanaimo where you then go on a kayaking adventure before returning back to Vancouver. Enjoy the sky and safe flying!

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